Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's All In Your Head!

I thought Sylar was already sexily evil with his emotive eyebrows (BTW, they have a musical band of their own) and disturbingly dispassionate voice. All of that embodied by a tall lean body structure, ready to pounce or finger-flick at the slightest passing diabolical thought.

But after watching last week's "Heroes" 2-hour premiere, I have come to realize that a non-corporeal Sylar living inside one's head can be even scarier! WOW. O_O

That's mind-blowing. Literally.

Even without a body, Sylar creates his own manipulative kind of mental menace for poor Matt Parkman. As a lot of psychological studies tend to propound - what is first thought of is usually followed by an action. Life/ success coaches would also evangelize that you would have to *THINK* about your goals first before you can really achieve them.

In Matt's mind, Sylar "carries" Matt Jr with those covered (*pouts*) biceps of his and gleefully "throws" baby back to horrified poppa. Later, Sylar insults Matt to the point where he angrily hurls a chair towards a suspect in an interrogation room. These nasty antics that Sylar is causing makes me wonder how distressed Matt will be able to handle the stress mentally. All those verbal taunts hurled at Detective Parkman would cause very very bad things to happen, don't you think?

Which makes me all eager to tune in to this coming Monday's "Heroes" episode entitled "Ink".

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if thinking and mentally *focusing* on thoughts like "More bare Sylar biceps please!" or "More of Sylar's shirtless body please!" will propel actions from the writers/ directors/ Zach and cause these to appear on my TV + computer screen. -_^

It just might work if we all think about these collectively. The power of THOUGHT, people. We can DOOOOOO IT!!

And if you are not afraid of spoilers, check out CBR TV's latest video on the "Heroes" Sullivan Bros. Carnival set visit. Don't miss the epic behind-the-scenes moments shared by both my faves (~le sigh~) - Ray Park and Zach!


  1. I'm with you on the mental focus thing. Shirtless Sylar. Shirtless Sylar. Shirtless Sylar. Fingers crossed that it works, and I see ZQ's bare chest on my screen Monday night.

  2. thanks for sharing the cbr thing! i am joining the focus group! "shirtless sylar" "sleeveless sylar" "shirtless sylar" ... ; D

  3. I'm definitely in on the Shirtless Sylar chant.. will we get our wish this season?!??!