Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Leaning Sideways

I apologize for another grey muscle tee post. But I doubt I'd be hearing that many complaints! :p

A tight tee just helps to reinforce the visual point on how useful it is to have flexy ZQ-like biceps if you are ever asked to sprawl sideways. On a cold slab no less.

Start practising now, folks... Feel free to use the pic as reference.

On a side note, look out for Zachary's and Before the Door's latest production, a movie short entitled "The Hostage (A Love Story)", which premieres on Wednesday!

LATEST: Join Zach's Funny or Die channel now and get ready for Wednesday!


  1. I've been waiting for that video to premiere! I can't wait! And you know, I can't get enough of the muscle-T's on ZQ here. THey show him off well. Photographically speaking, grey is the perfect color - 15% grey to be exact - it shows things off the best, and you can turn it either black or white. So there you go - grey being "perfect" fits well on our perfect Baby, ZQ here.

  2. omfg!! when i the before the door vid premiering and where? and i love your blog!!!

  3. From what I know, it's a Funny or Die video short.
    From what I heard personally from ZQ - dark humour, love story, lots of swearing ;)

  4. Muscles? Swearing? Humor? Oh, my kind of man...