Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rip them off!!

WUT?!!!!?! O_O

But hey.. if you have RIPPED biceps to go with Ripped Jeans, I'm willing to forgive the ZQ fashion faux pas.

And I have yet to even start on the nicely defined and ripped legs (you can't say you *didn't* notice!).. but that might demand another separate blog by itself.

It's a good thing his long-limbed goodness and infectious smile were terribly distracting, else I wish I could fly into LA, sneak into his wardrobe and steal those awful pants so that he will not be able to wear something this ratty again.

Sigh... I can somewhat understand it though. Nice, sunny day out with friends... Time to relax...chill.... I've looked slummy before. That's when I'm feeling too lazy to bother about "putting it together" ;) However, I'm usually quite vain :p Most of the time.


  1. His often questionable fashion sense makes me love him all the more! The things he gets away with wearing! But I guess when you look like that, no one really cares what you're wearing...

  2. I'm sorry, there is no excuse for those pants...

    That smile ALMOST makes up for it, almost.

  3. The shorts are forgivable (cough nice thighs) BUT, that tank top wouldn't look good on ANYONE. Uggghh, needs better shirt or no shirt at all.

  4. Hah, I posted one of these shots too - this ensemble just gets me. The cut-offs, the black least the shorts aren't Aussie-short!

  5. Go ahead, Zachary, just rip those ratty shorts off shorter.

    Those legs of his are so nice I can forgive him almost anything.

    As for the tank, it gives great shoulder exposure -- I'd like a deeper scoop in the front, but we can't have everything!