Monday, September 7, 2009

Vulcan Maneuvers

{{{ RAGE }}} A powerful emotion.

It can even compel the supposedly smallest, leanest of folks to command that surge of energy required to release the feeling of (repressed?) aggression.

It's even made more dangerous when you have the know-how to administer the painful Vulcan neck pinch. Not much biceps muscles required for that...

Have to admit that it can get pretty useful when you have lots of enemies though. Or someone really annoying that you want to shut up. Plus, you'd look really graceful doing the maneuver even though you are really, really pissed off. Like Spock.

Beats hitting someone clumsily over the head any time.

Have you had the strong urge to use the Vulcan neck pinch on someone lately?? Feel free to vent in the comments section ....


  1. I know having a temper is a humiliating experience for a Vulcan but as a viewer I loved it when Spock would kick ass.

  2. I would like to use the Vulcan neck pinch on a few people RIGHT NOW! Ugh! But I bet I won't look as sexy doing it as Spock does ;-)

  3. You know, when I was a kid I attempted to use the Vulcan Nerve Pinch several times on my brother. It made him uncomfortable (because you're actually squeezing the trapezius muscle which can be very painful) but it never disabled him or made him unconscious like how when Spock does it! I eventually quit. But it was a good measure to use against a bratty brother.

    I did a quick search for fun and found this awesome "question" on Yahoo! Questions:

    Also - I love having a day off during the week days! Just flipping around channels and happened to stumble across a rerun of The Bonnie Hunt Show - where she was interviewing ZQ about Star Trek! He was hot as usual, wearing his favorite hat and his biceps and triceps were in delicious form! He was quite giggly.Bonnie kept making him burst into fits of giggles.

  4. I am currently on the hunt for a Spock costume for my eight year old step-son (his idea, not mine, he saw Star Trek and loved it) I fear I will have to make it for him, all they had at the store was adult Spock.

    Myh step-son is pretty good at keeping his emotions in check, like any good Vulcan, mayhaps I will have to show him the neck pinch, he can practice on his classmates...

  5. So your son is like young Spock then? ;)

  6. kristi -- that yahoo Q&A was hilarious! LOL