Thursday, September 17, 2009

Caffeine and Pro-Zachs

What's your Poison?.... Mine's Coffee. It's been an almost life-long love affair. No coffee, syzzlyn ceases to exist. Brain goes ___________ x_x

So when I see Coffee and Zach, the combined dose of caffeine and Pro-Zach spikes up my heart-rate by 2,000%. It's that stimulating. (Oh.. sshh.. I do not care if all this data is medically unqualified!)

The last time that happened to me was during the Las Vegas Star Trek convention, because Zach barely at 2 hours' sleep the previous night, and he was on a high caffeine diet probably even before the Celebrity Breakfast until his Q&A Panel. Zach sipping from Coffee cup... *THUD*

Here, I see TWO cups of Coffee and Zach, then well, well.... I'm not only all wired-up like a high-powered electric fence, a ZQBiceps Blog post also miraculously appears.

All that adrenaline doesn't quite hinder me from yet again, admiring Zach's wonderful multi-tasking abilities and toned arms. I am beginning to suspect that frequent jaunts to his fave cafe bar Intelligentsia, and carrying all that java helps build up biceps muscles. I knew there must be more healthy uses for Coffee. -_-

In any case, for those who have been to Intelligentsia, what's so special about the coffee there?? syzzlyn wants to know!!!

More pics of Coffee and Pro-Zach at Accidental Sexiness!

PS: "Heroes" Season 4 begins Sep 21st in the USA! Have you seen this behind the scenes video for the new season?? Check it out at NBC's "Heroes" page!

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