Monday, July 30, 2012

Hollyshorts 2012 Get the PERIODS: Q&A with Victor Quinaz and Anna Martemucci

Re:Creation of the Apple Crunch in Paradise
If you haven't heard it by now, this year's 8th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival will be blooming with the world premiere of PERIODS.

The film festival held at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre from 9 to 16 August will see a flush of indie short films called PERIODS which are created by Victor Quinaz, Anna Martemucci and produced by Before The Door Pictures.

The quirky and often-tripped-out comedy series will open for Hollyshorts with the premiere of a new PERIODS piece starring Penn Badgley. Even “White Collar”'s Mozzie, Willie Garson has got his PERIODS too. He made a royally sweet appearance in a recent release called “FOPS”. Check it out below:

No topic is taboo with the PERIODS team as they make irreverent prods on a gamut of subjects from pilgrims, USA's founding fathers and one onery Santa, to witches, Vikings, exorcism and a re-take on the creation story.

Which brought me to wonder --- what kind of fun, warped minds are behind the making of PERIODS? Well, here are New York-based duo Victor Quinaz and Anna Martemucci to tell us more about their impudent brainchild.

Friday, July 20, 2012

"Dog Eat Dog": Sian Heder About Directing Zach's Biceps and Furry Paws

It is always fulfilling to watch an indie film come to fruition.

After several months in the making, the short film by Sian Heder and Before the Door, “Dog Eat Dog” finally premiered on June 22 and 23 at the recent Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF).

The project was generously funded by Zachary Quinto fans through Kickstarter last year.

Lindsay was one of the three fan producers of the film, and got to spend a day on location with Zach and director Sian Heder last December.

Therefore, she felt that she *had* to attend LAFF to catch the “Dog Eat Dog” premiere and see how the little film about pet adoption looked like on screen.

Before the movie was screened, however, she managed to catch hold of Sian and her lovely feminine biceps for a few questions: