Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Special and Mr Spooky Halloween Greeting!

Just in good time to bring out the noirish heebie-jeebies, the disgustingly talented and good-looking creative team behind the graphic novel, "Mr Murder Is Dead" (an Archaia/ Before the Door publication) has something twistedly-spooky for the fans and readers!

Writer Victor Quinaz and illustrator Brent Schoonover have cooked up this special Mr Spook comic strip for the Halloween season.

Friday, October 28, 2011

"Margin Call" - Review by a ZQC Member

As "Margin Call" gathers momentum, there has been some talk about Oscar nominations.

I haven't watched the movie yet, but from the rave reviews I've read from some heavy press and top critics, I hope it does head toward that direction.

For those in LA and NY, there are some events coming up with the director and producers of the movie this Saturday!

On 29 October, in LA, our favourite bb Zachary Quinto (hopefully wearing a beanie??) and Before The Door partner and one of the movie's producer Neal Dodson, will appear for a special post-show Q&A at the 7 pm screening at the Century City AMC. Do hurry and buy your tickets now before they sell out!

Over at the East Coast, in NY, writer/ director of  "Margin Call" J.C. Chandor will be stopping by the Angelika for a Q&A after the 5 pm show.

If anyone is attending these events, drop me a note! I'm sure many other fans would like to hear how these sessions went!

And to add on to @HardlyanAngel's thoughts of the movie, here's another "Margin Call" review from a ZQC member, @Sunfell!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Margin Call" - A SArmy Fan's Review

For an indie film, "Margin Call", the Before The Door-produced and J.C. Chandor-directed Wall Street thriller with an impressive ensemble cast, has been getting a lot of attention since it opened at theatres on just 56 screens in some key USA cities this week!

The movie was also available On Demand, thereby, increasing its reach to even more interested viewers across the country.

Several publications and websites have given the movie a big thumbs-up, with as many movie-goers and fans acknowledging that it is a rather involving and relevant film of the times.

My favourite movie ratings website, Rotten Tomatoes, has awarded it a commendable 87% rating.

Friday, October 21, 2011

At St Mark's Signing - Slayed By Zachary Quinto and His Biceps

Lovely surprises are very nice.

They are even nicer when they relate to Zachary Quinto.

Before heading to New York for NYCC, I dropped by Lala Land to spend some time with good friend Chelle. On the 1st morning I was there, we caught whiff of news that Zach seemed to be heading out of town, his lean biceps armed with a travel bag.

Little did I know that bb was heading to where I was also heading to! Kismet!

For on the next day, I saw a tweet from writer/ director Victor Quinaz announcing that there will be an off-NYCC signing for the graphic novel "Mr Murder Is Dead" at St Mark's comic shop on Saturday 15th October (8-10pm), together with artist Brent Schoonover and ..... get this - Zachary Quinto

My heart skipped a beat. Well, many beats actually.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

NYCC 2011 - Those Killer Biceps of Victor Quinaz and Brent Schoonover

Last weekend's New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2011 was a busy, messy, totally memorable adventure for me.

It was my first time visiting the crowded sprawl of New York City, as well as experiencing NYCC itself.

More importantly, it was also the first time I was flexing my journalistic arms with an official press pass at one of the bigger comic conventions in the USA.

I did not, however, require any form of press access to meet two sets of killer biceps owned by the artistic duo of the detective noir graphic novel, "Mr Murder Is Dead".  They were none other than the co-creators of the graphic novel, Victor Quinaz and Brent Schoonover - who were both comfortably stationed at Archaia's booth for an autograph session on Friday afternoon.