Thursday, October 20, 2011

NYCC 2011 - Those Killer Biceps of Victor Quinaz and Brent Schoonover

Last weekend's New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2011 was a busy, messy, totally memorable adventure for me.

It was my first time visiting the crowded sprawl of New York City, as well as experiencing NYCC itself.

More importantly, it was also the first time I was flexing my journalistic arms with an official press pass at one of the bigger comic conventions in the USA.

I did not, however, require any form of press access to meet two sets of killer biceps owned by the artistic duo of the detective noir graphic novel, "Mr Murder Is Dead".  They were none other than the co-creators of the graphic novel, Victor Quinaz and Brent Schoonover - who were both comfortably stationed at Archaia's booth for an autograph session on Friday afternoon.

Brent, the artist for the graphic novel, was all big, huggable and cheery. He was armed with a smile who could warm any stone-cold killer's heart. And as for Victor.... Oh My

Victor was so much more intensely handsome and taller than I expected. When I came up to the booth to introduce myself, he recognized me and instantly got up to give me a warm gigantic hug with those nice biceps of his.

Must people who work with/ for Archaia all be sooooo good-looking? It is a conspiracy, I tell you!

I told Brent and Victor that I *finally, finally* got my pervy hands on a copy of  "Mr Murder Is Dead" the day before. With a smile, Victor proceeded to start signing it with a lovely personalized message. Then, Brent took over with a quick Mr Spook sketch and he even doodled for me a biceps pic. Haha!

It was just too bad there wasn't a long line at their signing booth. On the flip side, it gave me a few good minutes of chat time with both of them, while a constant stream of convention attendees walked by us.

While Brent was chatting with another fan, Victor and I talked about his upcoming feature film, which he cannot really talk much about... yet. What Victor can reveal though was that the film is like a mockumentary and test audiences have indicated that they found it funny and liked it a lot. Which made my nosy genes twitch with even more curiosity as to what this movie is alllllllll about.

I'm still twitching, by the way... So I will probably pose Victor a few questions on this next week, and let us see if he has the time to give us more evil teasers.

As for Brent, I managed to grab some separate individual Q&A time with him last Sunday morning at his own booth. So do stay tuned for another Brent interview article on this blog!

We then chatted about how a bunch of us was going to skip the Avengers panel, just to make sure we could be at the St Mark's comic store signing on the next day. Our fave bb Zachary Quinto, was also scheduled to appear at the signing, and we all wanted to say hello to the man. 

While Zach's name was bandied around, Victor affirmed that comic conventions aren't really Zach's "thing". I believe most of us are already well familiar with this fact and is also aware that Zach's "thing" would be Broadway and the theatre.

Oh... and if my currently jet-lagged brain cells recall correctly, I think I also had a mini discussion about Wolverine with Victor at one point. Victor stated that he isn't a fan of Hugh Jackman's version of Wolvie because he had always thought his own naturally hirsute dad was better suited for the role. Hehehe.

I would have loved to yak with the two nice men longer, but my small stomach had begun to growl protestingly. I hadn't eaten since munching on a breakfast muffin and was in dire need of some blood sugar and caffeine. Stat.

But before I took leave of Brent and Victor, there was something very critical that we had to do.

It was The Group Killer Biceps pic.

And we looked *really* good in it. Really.

Here's Da Murderous Proof :D

I briefly swung by Archaia's booth the next day to say hello to them again. I had forgotten to hand them the Singapore robot souvenir keychains I got for them. Immediately, Victor used the one that I gave him for his keys... the sweet man.

It is too bad I could not quite get Zach to offer his luscious biceps for a pic when we met him. But do check out what he had to say about them when we were at St Mark's on Saturday night!

The deets on the latest Zach biceps incident will be in the next blog post... Coming up real soon!


"Mr Murder Is Dead" is a book collaboratively published by Before The Door and indie publishing company, Archaia.

Learn more about the graphic novel at the Official Mr Murder Is Dead website!

And follow Mr Spook on his own Facebook page!

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  1. Great blog post, as usual.
    And the biceps picture would make a great tradition here. (you can tell I'm a bit of a biceps fanatic myself, hehee)