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SDCC 2011 Interview: A Killer Year for Brea - Part 2

Brea as "Cassie Hack"
In this second part of the SDCC 2011 interview with the adorable Brea Grant with input from her brother Zane, we get to find out more about the various projects she has been busy with and what will be in store for Brea fans out there!

I for one, know that many hardcore "Dexter" fans are curious about Brea's involvement in this highly acclaimed TV series on Showtime.

My Twitter friend, Erik aka @ebrown2112 continues with the revealing Q&A:


Brea Grant has been one busy lady. In addition to writing comics, she did a guest spot on "CSI:Miami" and a cameo in Felicia Day's web series "The Guild". She starred in the SyFy original movie "Ice Road Terror", and her indy flick "Homecoming" has been winning awards on the festival circuit. But the best is yet to come for the sprightly former speedster.

I spoke with the ever-wonderful Brea about what's she's been up to and what she's doing next.

Erik: You're the voice of Cassie Hack. You must be thrilled about that.
Brea: Yeah, it's very exciting! I'm going to be the voice of Cassie Hack for the new Hack/Slash animated movie. We're doing both animated and green-screen motion capture.
Erik: Live action?
Brea: Not live action, more like Waking Life.
Erik: Rotoscoping.
Brea: Rotoscoping, thank you.

Erik: You'll be shooting a movie that you wrote?
Brea: In the fall, hopefully. The indie movie world is a crazy one, but we should be shooting in the fall in Texas. It's called "Best Friends Forever", it's an apocalyptic road trip movie. I co-wrote it with my friend Vera Miao, and we're the leads in it. It's exciting.

Erik: You're also in "Baytown Disco".
Brea: Yes, I shot that a couple months ago. It is a Southern Quentin Tarantino-style action movie. I play part of a prostitute assassin gang, along with Serinda Swan, Zoe Bell, and Agnes Bruckner. We basically go in and kick ass. And then we get our asses kicked.

Erik: And you'll be on "Dexter", that's the big one.
Brea: Yes, I'm a lab intern working with Masuka.
Erik: Masuka's not exactly the most tactful person. He tends to make inappropriate remarks.
Brea: That's true.
Erik: How does your character deal with it?
Brea: I think she deals with it very well, and I think people will be very surprised by how she deals with it. You know, Zane helped me with the audition.
Zane: I did.
Brea: We were in East Texas, and I had to put the audition on video because I couldn't go back to L.A. Zane read across from me while my mom held the iPhone and recorded me. I sent it and I booked it from that.
Erik: That's great.
Brea: And he's a great reader.
Zane: If anyone's looking for a good reader, I'm available. My rates are good.

Erik: Would you want to play a serial killer yourself?
Brea: Yeah, definitely! I think that would be really fun. I always like playing roles that are sort of weird and out-of-the-box.
Zane: That goes back to the violence thing.
Brea: Yes, that goes back to the violence thing. I love violence.

See if you can catch glimpses of Brea in this "Dexter" Season 6 trailer here!

Erik: What would your dream role be?
Brea: Well, I'm getting to play Cassie Hack; that's pretty fantastic. I actually have a list of dream roles at home. I've gotten to check a few off, which has been really cool. I would love to have my own sci-fi action franchise.
Zane: Like "Tremors".
Brea: Sure, like "Tremors"! Or not.
Zane: Or not at all like "Tremors".

Erik: Is there anything else you'd like to say to everyone?
Brea: Buy the fourth issue of “Suicide Girls”.
Zane: Check out
Brea: And I'm at and @breagrant on Twitter.
Zane: I'm @zanegrant on Twitter and online.

Erik: Excellent. Thanks, guys!
Brea: Thank you!
Zane: Thanks, man!

Once again, thanks to Brea, Zane, and Jonathan for a fun interview and their exceeding generosity.


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