Monday, August 31, 2009

Flex 'em!!

When you are this pretty and have muscley ripped arms, you can pose on roof tops wearing a boring grey muscle tee with any strange steel-like props ... and STILL look good.

This pic reminds me of my fave yoga instructors. A couple of them are all lean, muscley and sinewy .. and cute like Zach. I was willing to undergo yoga-torture by them - like last Saturday's 1 hour of very pretzely-twisty, arm-balancing session. I have the sore aching biceps to prove it :p

Workin' it ~syzzlyn

Sunday, August 30, 2009

For Business Purposes...

Strong muscley biceps are all well and good for ... well.. Strong Stuff.

But when it comes to real business, like investigation and the like... they are also useful for flipping name cards or pieces of paper.

Real men with tough biceps - like ZQ - know how to turn on the gentle too.

Even when they are wearing a distractingly swoonworthy grey muscle-tee.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Useful during Times of Passion

Guys, take note.

Strong muscley biceps are useful as much needed support during times of hot, loving passion.

Zach shows you how. (Pls refer to pic.)

Arcades Games Have Never Looked Sexier

It's time for a re-visualization of how guys in arcades look like.

Zach has done it again.

He has mind-swiped us.

Playing arcade games have now never looked any sexier! Not when Zach has shown us how to do it with those biceps of his!

The Inaugural ZQ Biceps Pic

We are forever grateful to @jhummrich for taking this pic at this year's Comic Con Heroes Panel!

Do take time to pause...
And appreciate... ;)

Welcome Post

Welcome to the new ZQ blog...dedicated to his...



We welcome those who regularly swoon over his beautifully formed arms.