Friday, August 28, 2009

Useful during Times of Passion

Guys, take note.

Strong muscley biceps are useful as much needed support during times of hot, loving passion.

Zach shows you how. (Pls refer to pic.)


  1. Or as support right before you're ready to slice someone's head open. Whichever. Sexy either way!

  2. Gorgeous! And I'm loving all these odes to ZQ's various body parts that are slowly starting to pop up! Glorious!!

  3. Also, thanks for subscribing to

    I've added your blog under "sister blogs". You mentioned wanting to link up with mine, you can do that but going to your layout and adding a gadget - there's a whole list of them - scroll til you find "blog list" add that and then you can start adding the URLs of other blogs you want to promote. :)

  4. hey there Kristi.. Thanks! you're hooked up under My Blog List now ;)

    eserei -- that's true too! hahaha

  5. they're also useful for hugs...tight hugs! ;)

  6. THIS Internet phenomenon is so awesome I can't even think straight. I just nosebleed and laugh from the joy and the excitable fangirl stupors. Please continue.