Sunday, August 30, 2009

For Business Purposes...

Strong muscley biceps are all well and good for ... well.. Strong Stuff.

But when it comes to real business, like investigation and the like... they are also useful for flipping name cards or pieces of paper.

Real men with tough biceps - like ZQ - know how to turn on the gentle too.

Even when they are wearing a distractingly swoonworthy grey muscle-tee.


  1. i am so excited that u started this blog...loL!!

  2. I know I've said it before, but I love the primatech clothing. And card-flipping has never looked so sexy!

  3. Work those biceps, baby! A business card never looked so good!

  4. HULLO! How'd I miss THIS? I personally am a big fan of his Deltoid muscles, but I very much enjoy any exposure of The Arms.

    And The Chest.

    And ... weeellllll, I don't suppose we'll see much of the legs, except what we saw in the one "Eclipse" episode. Rowwwwr

  5. Turning on the gentle is always key. ...I get a little hot and bothered when I see ZQ AND Milo V. in a pic together....oh, my where are my smelling salts???