Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Lucid Thoughts On Issue #2

The action visibly goes up a notch in "Lucid" #2 - the follow-up issue of the comic created by Michael McMillian (who is well-known to HBO series "True Blood" fans as vampire-hater Rev. Steve Newlin) and published by Archaia/ Before The Door.

Standard Polite Warning:
If you are not interested in SPOILERS, please do not proceed further!!

More Polite Spoiler Space.

I think this is polite enough now.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Periods Before Christmas .. and After

Watching the "Periods: Before After II" triptych makes me want to dash right out of my room, into the stores and get myself one of those cheesy Christmas sweaters. Oh, and a pair of grey undies. Coz the combi would look so totally sexy.

The things Zachary Quinto and those guys make you wanna do. ... Kinda creepy! :p

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hardly Marginal At All

What are the chances that a new production company's first movie would be greenlighted, go into production soon after with an impressive cast, and then get invited to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival??

This was exactly what happened with Before The Door Picture's movie, "Margin Call", directed by JC Chandor.

The movie - a thriller - covers the 24-hour period during a financial crisis in Wall Street, and stars Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Demi Moore, Stanley Tucci, Simon Baker and Penn Badgley. Of course, our very own bb Zachary Quinto, will also be flexing his biceps in a business suit in this movie. (I know I know, we *all* want to be the pen in the above pic. sigh.)