Thursday, December 23, 2010

Periods Before Christmas .. and After

Watching the "Periods: Before After II" triptych makes me want to dash right out of my room, into the stores and get myself one of those cheesy Christmas sweaters. Oh, and a pair of grey undies. Coz the combi would look so totally sexy.

The things Zachary Quinto and those guys make you wanna do. ... Kinda creepy! :p

Anyhow, I was deliberately a week late with this post on the Christmas Before After II vid because I figured it would take .. ohhh, about a week, for the fans to get most of their squee out regarding *that* scene. Yes, I do mean That Elevator Scene.

If you are feigning ignorance, let me show you. It is this one:

Or if you are still oblivious, click here.

That was definitely an intriguing place to stuff your iPhone. Although, I could stuff my iPhrus somewhere else too, I think.

If you haven't seen the entire video yet, check it out here:

I admit that I kinda fell in love with ZQ's devilish spiked fringe in the first segment. With this dark good looks and those Druid-ish cloaks, he reminded me of one of my favourite majeres, Raistlin.

And it seems exploding kids are now a running Periods joke. How many more will explode the next time? Let's make a bet!

I still preferred the first Before After video though. I didn't snicker as much with this set, but I guess one can't complain too much when Zach decides to go show-off his chest hair, and his biceps, and strut in his grey undies.

Director of the videos, Victor Quinaz, later posted an extra footage for the elevator scene that consisted of a pretty extensive discussion about one of my favouritest bluest topics ever - Hairsex. Courtesy of "Avatar".

And to top off the festive spirit, they sent us an online greeting too!

It's only a few days to Christmas, and for those who don't celebrate that holiday, I'm sure the festive season sets most in a celebratory or giving mood anyway, so ....


Give love to all biceps... and stay pervy till the New Year!


  1. Raistlin is my very favorite mage. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

    I really liked the Avatar extra. Thought it was hilarious :D

  2. I somehow missed the holiday card!! Thanks for posting that!! :)

  3. They should've left the "Avatar" bit in! It was quite funny!

    Happy Holidays all!