Sunday, June 30, 2013

A ZQC Fan At The Advance Screening of "Breakup At A Wedding" in NYC

Before the Door - an outfit founded by Zachary Quinto, Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa - is fast making a remarkable impact on the indie film scene.

With a high profile release of the Wall Street financial crisis drama "Margin Call" and the world premiere of "All Is Lost" (starring Robert Redford) at this year's Cannes, Before The Door has been heavily promoting a romcom made by their friends at PERIODS Films recently.

The movie called "Breakup At A Wedding" (a co-production with Anonymous Content) is literally about a breakup at a wedding, and its North American distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories ran a college tour for the movie, and advance screenings in the USA before it was released beginning June 18th across all cable VOD and digital platforms.

One such advance theatre screening was held at the AMC Loews Village 7 in New York on June 17, with a Q&A held after. Zachary Quinto was promoted to attend the event and a ZQC fan Davian Aw, who is currently doing an internship in New York, managed to get the chance to attend the special event.

Here is what happened that day:

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Zachary Quinto's Biceps Blog Update: A New Look Unveiled!

Happy Sunday!

Welcome to the splashing, New Look of the Appreciating Zachary Quinto's Biceps Blog !

I have been searching for someone who had the passion to help design a new ZQBiceps blog header banner for me for some time. A couple of weeks ago, I was so stoked to have found someone who was willing to do one!

You may know him as Davian Aw, who have been posting quite regularly on ZQC recently.

Not only does Davian and I share the same fandom, we also originate from the same country! Pretty rare in the Zachary Quinto fandom world as statistics may tell you. Call it Quintoistic kismet. ;)

I love doing special ZQ Fan Focus from time to time. I covered Q&A's with one of Sylar's Army's (SArmy) founders Meaghan McBee, and another SArmy moderator, Natalie Wells, who also happens to be a very talented photographer. If you want to read about these fans, head to the bottom of this blog page for the links.

To make the launch of the blog's new look more personal, I've asked Davian to give us a little background of his work and feelings about the Zachary Quinto fandom.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's Zachary Quinto's Birthday!!

Another year has passed, and what a year it has been --- filled with so much Zachary Quinto goodness!

His biceps have sure been doing a lot of wonderful work lately. :D

Not only did he star in another season of that FX series "American Horror Story" as the very creepy, very chillingly evil Dr Oliver Thredson, acted on stage as Tom Wingfield in American Repertory Theatre's successful production of "The Glass Menagerie", modelled for several yummy bicepstuous photoshoots (August Man mag, anyone?!), Zach has also been busy doing lots of behind the scenes work with his production company Before The Door.

Before the Door has released the indie film about Wall Street called "Margin Call" in 2011 to overall good reviews from international critics and audiences. And that momentum was followed up by a few more interesting projects.