Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's Zachary Quinto's Birthday!!

Another year has passed, and what a year it has been --- filled with so much Zachary Quinto goodness!

His biceps have sure been doing a lot of wonderful work lately. :D

Not only did he star in another season of that FX series "American Horror Story" as the very creepy, very chillingly evil Dr Oliver Thredson, acted on stage as Tom Wingfield in American Repertory Theatre's successful production of "The Glass Menagerie", modelled for several yummy bicepstuous photoshoots (August Man mag, anyone?!), Zach has also been busy doing lots of behind the scenes work with his production company Before The Door.

Before the Door has released the indie film about Wall Street called "Margin Call" in 2011 to overall good reviews from international critics and audiences. And that momentum was followed up by a few more interesting projects.

How can one forget that charming little film "Dog Eat Dog" by Zach's good friend, Sian Heder which finally made an online debut late last year? That was such a cute gem to watch, and I was so over the moon when I finally received my signed DVD's.

On its way to your cities and around the world is "Breakup At A Wedding", a most hilarious comedy from what I heard and read from those who have seen it already. 

The movie is the brainchild of the often off-key but brilliant gang at PERIODS Films. I really do hope the movie gets to screen in Singapore too. 

PERIODS Films has also recently upped the geek level and partnered with Nerdist Alliance/ Nerdist Industries (which is helmed by the very popular Chris Hardwick). So expect to see more of PERIODS short films on the Nerdist Youtube network!

And there is even more to come from Before The Door. "All Is Lost", with legendary Robert Redford as the one and only cast actor in the movie, was screened at the recent Cannes Film Festival. And despite that hardly any word was spoken during the story, the movie garnered pretty good reviews from critics. Needless to say, this has gotten me curious about "All Is Lost" and I can't wait to check it out in our local theatres.

Amidst the flurry of all this awesome ZQ goodness, one of the most anticipated movie in the geek world premiered in May this year. The JJ Abrams-directed sequel "Star Trek: Into Darkness" had Zach putting back on his Vulcan ears to play Spock. 

Prior to the movie's premiere in LA, there was a multi-city promo in places like Sydney, Moscow and Berlin. It sure was fun watching Zach zipping his way round the world together with cast mates like Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Alice Gree, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and Benedict Cumberbatch

But the best part of the pre-ST movie promotional hype was this hilarious Audi ad that Zach did with Leonard Nimoy.

After watching STID, my first thought was how Zach really seem to sit even more comfortably in the Spock role second time round. Super fun to see him doing something action-y for a change too.

Pic source from
Then, come this September, Zach gets to be back on "The Glass Menagerie" with fellow actors Cherry Jones, Brian J. Smith and Celia Keenan-Bolger. This time the production hits the Booth Theatre on Broadway itself from September till January 2014!

I'm particularly excited about Zach's TGM Broadway run. Mainly because I've got the tickets for an October show with some great friends!!!!!!!!! *fist pump* This will be my first time watching Zach on stage. So exciting! (And yes, I am an ardent theatre goer, Shakespeare appreciator and I indulge in plays regularly in Singapore.)

It has turned out to be such a busy and fulfilling year for Zach and his friends.

As a mere observer and fangirl, and from the pics and tweets he posts, Zach seems to be much happier over the last year too. He deserves it all. And I continue to wish him the very best that he desires!

Go have a Fabulous Birthday, Zach!
And Stay Happy!


PS: Happy Birthday Smooches to fellow blogger and SDCC roomie, Jasmine!

Jasmine is the owner of several blogs including the Zachary-Kristen website, and incidentally, she shares the same birth date as Zach!

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