Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Star Trek Into Darkness" Cast Dived Down Under For World Premiere!

It is all beginning!

The "Star Trek Into Darkness" press and promotional appearances, I mean! The country to country space jumps, the glitzy premieres and red carpets, and slew of photo call eye-candy!

A couple of days ago, a few of the "Into Darkness" cast members headed Down Under to Sydney - the first city to kick-off a string of international premieres for the upcoming Trek movie.

An excited-sounding Zachary Quinto tweeted pics of the city's trademark landmark - the Sydney Opera House. Even his shoe was excited to be there.

Zach's tweets pics from Sydney
This isn't his first time visiting the city though. Sydney was also the first stop for the first Trek reboot movie's international premieres some years back. But his recent excited tweets made us equally excited.

Together with director JJ Abrams, Zach and fellow cast mates, Chris Pine and Karl Urban, posed for photo calls against the iconic Opera House as well as at Bondi Beach. The latter set was done all shady like, complete with Star Trek surfboards.

Then in the evening, the movie's red carpet premiere was held at at the George Street Event Cinema. I know of a local online acquaintance @spaceyfan who happened to be in Sydney for Josh Groban's concert and wasn't aware that the "Into Darkness" was going on. Some of us told her to check it out and she said she managed to get some photos of Zach and CPine from across the road! Lucky woman!

Reports mention that the foursome was the picture of good-looking bromance, giggling while posing and walking down the red carpet for the "Star Trek Into Darkness" world premiere.

In quite an unusual yet interesting fashion choice, Zach stood out with his dark suit with a shawl collar, shiny dark blue polka-dotted shirt and Calvin Klein bow tie of a maroonish hue. Did you notice that even the colour of his shoes matched the bow tie??! He sure doesn't need to do much with his biceps for people to take notice. 

But the actual surprise for me was how hot and manly Karl Urban looked in all those pics. He looked relaxed and smart-cool without even sweating a drop. Even when he's just wearing a standard formal blue suit. And it doesn't help when he's groping CPine like *this*!

Damn McCoy... you're vibrating my Bones here. Don't you steal my eyeballs away from the Spock. That would be travesty!

The cast's next stop will a few stops in Europe -- Moscow (April 25th), Berlin (April 29) and then, London (May 2nd). Pretty sure, British actors Simon Pegg and Benedict Cumberbatch will attend the one in London.

Meanwhile, I'll just be enjoying my eye-candy on my computer screen.... from over here. (Since hardly anyone bothers to premiere anything on our small tropical island, anyway. __Sigh__)


To add more excitement, here's a chance to gawk at the "Star Trek Into Darkness" trailer again!


Photos from:
- From Getty Images (by Marianna Massey) 
- Zachary Quinto's Twitter and Instagram

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