Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zachary Quinto Gets Horror-ifying

Ted Levine
Let me just get one thing straight: I really do not like horror movies in general. I also find chick flicks very annoying.

And Zachary Quinto is being evil (in my tiny digital world at least) with his choice of movie work lately. 

Firstly, he goes looking so handsome in that romantic comedy phase (anyone remember "What's Your Number"? "Girl Walks Into A Bar"?) and now, he's going in the opposite direction with the horror stuff.

Only a Zachary Quinto biceps-flexed related effort in either of these genres will ever make me willingly plonk my butt down in front of a screen for 90 minutes or more. But from what I read in press releases, their next project seem to be more than just a horror film.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Victor Quinaz - The Mastermind for "Mr Murder Is Dead"

A long-time friend of the Before The Door team, film-maker/ screenwriter Victor Quinaz was hauled into the world of graphic novels with a murderous story which has been brewing in his mind for some time.

The result? 

A pulp-noir styled detective graphic novel entitled "Mr Murder Is Dead", published by Archaia. The book was launched at this year's SDCC and preliminary reviews so far have been very positive!

It seems that "Mr Murder Is Dead" is being released officially this Wednesday on August 17th. I am not sure if you can even get hold of a copy online now as the graphic novel is sold out on TFAW!

Zachary Quinto fans would already be familiar with Victor's comedy web series called "PERIODS.". If you go 'huh'?? and haven't seen any of "PERIODS." -- where have you been all this while???

Understandably, Victor is a busy man. And I was pleasantly and squeefully surprised that he found the time to reply my questions for this interview:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brent Schoonover - The Artistic Hitman For "Mr Murder Is Dead"

A couple of years back, Before The Door and Archaia officially announced their collaboration to publish two graphic novels.

One was "Lucid" (by Michael McMillian) and the other, which took some time to complete, was called "Mr Murder Is Dead".

"Mr Murder Is Dead", created and written by Before The Door's long-time friend Victor Quinaz, is a detective story within a story, styled in the pulp noir style reminiscent of Dick Tracy.

The specific style and period setting required an artist who could visually bring that era to life. And Minnesota-based illustrator/ comic artist Brent Schoonover was called to task.