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Zachary Quinto Gets Horror-ifying

Ted Levine
Let me just get one thing straight: I really do not like horror movies in general. I also find chick flicks very annoying.

And Zachary Quinto is being evil (in my tiny digital world at least) with his choice of movie work lately. 

Firstly, he goes looking so handsome in that romantic comedy phase (anyone remember "What's Your Number"? "Girl Walks Into A Bar"?) and now, he's going in the opposite direction with the horror stuff.

Only a Zachary Quinto biceps-flexed related effort in either of these genres will ever make me willingly plonk my butt down in front of a screen for 90 minutes or more. But from what I read in press releases, their next project seem to be more than just a horror film.

Earlier this year, Before The Door (the production team consisting of Zach and his friends - Neal Dodson, Corey Moosa and Sean Akers)  kicked off their indie debut with a smart, fast-paced financial thriller "Margin Call" at this year's Sundance Festival. They are now following up with a horror movie called "The Banshee Chapter" which is said to be a mix of fact and fiction about a female journalist going in search for her missing friend who has been experimenting with mind-altering drugs. And I keenly suspect that's probably where the "banshee" factor comes in.

Before The Door will be working with Sunchaser Entertainment, German producer Christian Arnold-Beutel, and first time film director Blair Erickson. Blair Erickson, who is a transmedia director and the creative director of Omnicom's high-tech interactive agency "Millions of Us", is also "The Banshee Chapter"'s scriptwriter and the story was drawn from "real life documents and actual test subject testimony".

What made the project interesting was the casting announcement made a few days ago. Ted Levine, very well-remembered for his creepy role as serial killer "it puts the lotion on it's skin" Buffalo Bill from "Silence Of The Lambs", has joined as a cast member of the movie. You might also remember Ted as a regular in the TV series "Monk" as Captain Leland Stottlemeyer and the warden in the movie "Shutter Island". In "The Banshee Chapter", he will be playing the rogue counter-culture novelist with a love for substance abuse and firearms.

Katia Winter will be acting as the female journalist. And just kinda fresh from HBO series "True Blood" and his creative works in graphic novels "Lucid" and the "True Blood: Tainted Love" spinoff is Michael McMillian, who will be starring as the "lost friend".

If you really want to stalk the production crew, the movie started filming in New Mexico this month.

The much cooler news, in my opinion, is the latest scoop that Zachary Quinto has signed up for a storyline arc in FX's "American Horror Story".

Weirdly enough, "American Horror Story" is created and written by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the men who brought you "Nip|Tuck" and "Glee". After watching some of the very interesting sneak peeks of "American Horror Story", I am still trying to get over the thought of how warped they might have been when they were working on "Glee".

I mean, happy-smiley musical stories simply do not come accompanied by a promo poster with a prominently full-latexed body. RIGHT?

According to PR releases, "American Horror Story" is about The Harmons -  a psychiatrist Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott - "The Practice"), his wife Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton of "Friday Night Lights") and troubled teenage daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga) who moved to Los Angeles to escape their past - which included a miscarriage and an affair. They decided to buy and move into a 1920's home that was the bloody scene of the previous owners' murder-suicide. Lovely decision-making there, people.

Returning to the TV screen as a regular is Jessica Lange ("Tootsie", "Blue Sky") who will be playing Constance, the Harmon's neighbor. And Constance has a daughter with Down Syndrome (Jamie Brewer), who could awkwardly predict people's deaths.

There is one other character who seems to be a "is she, is she not"?? The Harmons hire a housekeeper (the house seems to be a huge dungeon of a mansion with lots of dirt to sweep) and she appears as an old woman (Frances Conroy from "Six Feet Under") to Vivien and a young sexy garter-stockinged thing (Alexandra Breckenridge of "Dirt") to Ben.

Based on indications from the pre-show marketing and test previews, the series is highly supernatural and disorientingly psycho-sexual. YES! These elements will totally tickle my twisted mind and after watching the "American Horror Story" viral videos put up by FX, I think I could love this new TV series.

*Especially* so if Zach and his scary biceps are in it.  

Zach is will be acting the role of "Chad, the gay former owner of the house who becomes friends with Vivien", and he won't make his appearance till the series' two-part Halloween episode scheduled to air October 26th and 30th.

Get started with the "American Horror Story" creepiness with the promo videos by FX. Here's one of my favourites, and with one of my favourite songs in it too!

There are more of them at YouTube. Click here!

FX has planned for a "American Horror Story" premiere on October 5th.

Now, I can't wait!

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