Friday, February 18, 2011

Quinto Walks Into A Bar....

... as part of a multi-story comedy film that's specially made for internet distribution.

The film is called "Girl Walks Into A Bar", and will most probably be shown on Hulu and YouTube. The web-only movie premieres on March 11th, 2011.

The trailer has just been released, and it's filled with popular actors like Alexis Bledel, Josh Hartnett, Danny Devito, Carla Gugino, Rosario Dawson, Robert Forster, and of course, Mr Lovely Biceps himself, Zachary Quinto!

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Margin Call" At Berlin Film Festival

After an exciting official premiere at the Sundance Festival, Before The Door's first film, "Margin Call" made its way to Germany for the 61st Berlin Film Festival this week!

The movie celebrated its international premiere at the festival, and is one of the 16 movies competing for the "Golden Bear Award" for best picture.

Zachary Quinto, joined co-stars Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Paul Bettany and first-time director, J.C. Chandor at the film festival. Together with him were also fellow BTD-ers, Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

ZQC Meetup at NYC and with Zachary Quinto!

Zach and some ZQC-ers!
On 8th January 2011, a few of the ZQC-ers (Zachary Quinto Community members) met up in NYC to watch the "Angels in America" play at the Signature Theatre.

And they were lucky enough to get real close to the genuine Zachary Quinto biceps. ;)

Here's the report by Lindsay, one the fortunate ZQC-ers that weekend!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

"Margin Call" Premiere and After

After the press screening at this year's Sundance Festival, "Margin Call" had its official worldwide premiere at the Eccles Theatre on 25 January.

From the photo Executive Producer Cassian Elwes excitedly tweeted, the theatre looked totally filled! (Click here for pic.) This was probably due to the hype that had been surrounding the movie during the festival. Apparently, no one left the theatre when the cast and director, J.C. Chandor, appeared on stage for Q and A's. That's an indication of mega interest in this movie!