Friday, February 4, 2011

"Margin Call" Premiere and After

After the press screening at this year's Sundance Festival, "Margin Call" had its official worldwide premiere at the Eccles Theatre on 25 January.

From the photo Executive Producer Cassian Elwes excitedly tweeted, the theatre looked totally filled! (Click here for pic.) This was probably due to the hype that had been surrounding the movie during the festival. Apparently, no one left the theatre when the cast and director, J.C. Chandor, appeared on stage for Q and A's. That's an indication of mega interest in this movie!

In media profile photos of the "Margin Call" premiere, bb Zachary Quinto was expectedly rockin' it in his trademark mis-matched yet somehow coordinated checked-shirt-and-striped-tie combi. Judging from the way he smiled in the photos, I think Zach hasn't looked this openly happy in quite a long time.

I don't blame him. It's definitely a proud moment for him and Before The Door. Besides, it's really nice to see the genuine sparkle in his eyes again!! So much extra zing to his already handsome good looks!

The boyz and other cast members later partied down at the Bing Bar for their After Party.

Some more articles have emerged after the premiere, here are a few interesting reads:

- Hollywood Reporter
- End of Show (written by the double-spunky @doubleshiny! way to go, woman!)

Plus an informative video interview with beanie Zach and J.C. by Anna Thompson for Thompson on Hollywood!

There's also this adorable photoshoot for EW! Lookie here!! Too adorable!

For more visual eye-candy, here's Zach at the Bing Bar (Courtesy of

After Sundance, Zachary returned to NYC to finish his run for "Angels in America" at the Signature Theatre. Adam Driver now takes over the role of Louis Ironson for the next five weeks till March 27th. (Source: Artsbeat Blog)

The rumour is that "Star Trek XII" (yet untitled) may start filming soon, so perhaps Zach will be heading back to LA and be reunited with furry pal, Noah? Not sure when that will be, but I'm sure we won't be able to escape the Trek-related news when that is announced!

Happy Bunny Chinese New Year greetings - Gong Xi Fa Cai! And LLAP!
(I think, these two kinda go well together ;) )


  1. is "SQUEE!!!" an appropriate response to this entry?

  2. Squees are ALWAYS appropriate *g*

  3. How cool - and you linked to all those interviews and reviews too! That means only one bookmark (yes, I'm thinking practical here)
    And the remark about his outfit *giggle* "his trademark mis-matched yet somehow coordinated checked-shirt-and-striped-tie combi" - EXACTLY! :-)

    Several theories about why he's so happy:
    1.) His first BIG project is coming along nicely. All the good attention and recognition it gets!
    2.) He was so worried if it would work, plus I bet he invested lots of his own money and time. And it worked! Miraculously well! Of course, due to awesome work, and a healthy dose of "Quinto-Magic" :-)
    3.) After the 6-day-week stress of AiA, he can finally get some more sleeeeeep!

    (I'm going from my own experiences here: lack of sleep can make you incredibly unhappy, and you don't even know what exactly you're unhappy about. My problem is, I need 8 hours minimum. Better 9. That sucks!)

  4. Cannot wait to see Margin Call! I was following as it happened - all the different developments flying around! Great to see it all sequenced together here. Thanks!