Friday, February 18, 2011

Quinto Walks Into A Bar....

... as part of a multi-story comedy film that's specially made for internet distribution.

The film is called "Girl Walks Into A Bar", and will most probably be shown on Hulu and YouTube. The web-only movie premieres on March 11th, 2011.

The trailer has just been released, and it's filled with popular actors like Alexis Bledel, Josh Hartnett, Danny Devito, Carla Gugino, Rosario Dawson, Robert Forster, and of course, Mr Lovely Biceps himself, Zachary Quinto!

Directed and written by SebastiƔn GutiƩrrez (who actually wrote "Elektra Luxx", "Gothika" and "Snakes On A Plane"?!!?), the anthology unfolds with the stories of some strangers at 10 different bars during one evening, their fates ultimately inter-linked with each other in some way or other.

This style of story-telling seems to be popular in recent times. Well-known examples were the feel-good movie "Love Actually", the emotionally complex "Babel" and time-travelling TV shows like "Lost".

So, it would be interesting to see how "Girl Walks Into A Bar" would pan out, since it is plugged as the first major movie production that is being purely distributed via the web.

The trailer does show a very fun promise with a hint of intrigue, with Zach looking charmingly 'lost' and in his trademark geeky glasses, due to some unfortunate dealings with a mobster. And it was nice to see the pretty Alexis Bledel back on screen since I have mostly enjoyed her performance in "Gilmore Girls".

The best eye-popping scene has just gotta be the nekkid ping-pong. Hahaha. Although I'm slightly disappointed I wasn't invited to be an extra in that scene. *g*

Lookie here for nekkid people:

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Production values wise, the film looks hip and quite quite sexy, so I bet many of you can't wait to watch it! Especially since it's only a mouse click or finger tap-swipe away!


  1. I wish I were able to view it on YouTube. Ever since I downloaded FlashPlayer 10, many YouTube entries -- including this one -- come up with a blank screen! How disappointing!

  2. I found a way ...or YouTube corrected their interface problem with FlashPlayer 10. I went to YouTube's Home Page, found the movie, clicked and ...

    QUINTO !! Gorgeous, geeky, nervous, Dennis the dentist.

    His scene with Danny DeVito is *priceless*, for the compassion he brings to his nervous wreck character of Dennis, and for DeVito's comic menace.