Friday, August 28, 2009

Arcades Games Have Never Looked Sexier

It's time for a re-visualization of how guys in arcades look like.

Zach has done it again.

He has mind-swiped us.

Playing arcade games have now never looked any sexier! Not when Zach has shown us how to do it with those biceps of his!


  1. I say with the utmost love and respect for gamers, but I highly doubt any arcade has seen arm muscles of that caliber, well, ever.

  2. Zachary's physical trainer should advertise as "trainer of ZQ" because if I were a guy, I wouldn't care how much the guy charged, I'd seek him out!!

    Look at all the muscle definition! Triceps, biceps, lower arms, whoooooo, got-damm!

  3. This was definitely the high point of Stride's entire marketing strategy.

    ZQ's arms.