Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Margin Call" - A SArmy Fan's Review

For an indie film, "Margin Call", the Before The Door-produced and J.C. Chandor-directed Wall Street thriller with an impressive ensemble cast, has been getting a lot of attention since it opened at theatres on just 56 screens in some key USA cities this week!

The movie was also available On Demand, thereby, increasing its reach to even more interested viewers across the country.

Several publications and websites have given the movie a big thumbs-up, with as many movie-goers and fans acknowledging that it is a rather involving and relevant film of the times.

My favourite movie ratings website, Rotten Tomatoes, has awarded it a commendable 87% rating.

The obvious buzz has made me impatient to watch the movie here. Besides the collection of acting talent and nommy biceps to ogle at, the movie's subject matter is also of interest to me. You see, I'm a number-cruncher myself.

I've checked the movie release date here in Singapore and it seems that it may be premiering in local theatres on 29 December. Arrgh. I can't wait!

SArmy member and pop-culture fan @HardlyanAngel watched "Margin Call" at the Vintage Los Feliz Theater in Los Angeles, and here is her review of the movie:


First of all, going into the movie I wasn't expecting much except to be entertained. But I ended up leaving the theater awed by the ensemble talent and storyline.

Straight from the beginning, the story captures you and holds your attention to the end. The plot isn't too far off the mark in real life and I could invision something like this happening (and I'm sure it has). I wasn't sure what to expect as the plot thickened and as each scene unfolded, I was curious as to what more was to come.

This is the type of movie where there is no real happy ending and no real winners.

The film was nitty, gritty, and to the point and made you feel for the characters affected by the whole situation. The dialogue is something straight from Wall Street that even I had a hard time following... a rocket scientist I am not. But even with that, the actors portrayed their roles well enough for me to understand the turmoil that was unfolding.

What can I say about the actors themselves? I absolutely adore Jeremy Irons. This man is so full of talent and plays a ruthless CEO to the hilt and as much as you'd like to hate him, you got to love the guy for trying to save his own behind.

Kevin Spacey is riveting as Sam who, when it comes down to it all, has a heart but understands he's got to do what needs to be done for the bigger picture. Then there is Zachary Quinto - it is great to see him again on the big screen. His portrayal of Peter Sullivan just sucks you into the turmoil that is taking place.

Paul Bettany, Demi Moore, Simon Baker (who I'm familiar with from the TV show, "The Mentalist") and Penn Badgeley were also superb. I only wished that Stanley Tucci had more screentime but with what he had, it was a real treat.

Overall, the film was well done for a production company just starting out. The screenplay was articulate and interesting. The cast was phenomenal and impressive.

The moral of the story that I got out of the movie was to save yourself and pretty much screw the lil guy on the totem pole. As Jeremy Iron's character stated "There are three ways to make a living in this business: be first, be smarter, or cheat."

Truer words were ever spoken.

If you're looking for an interesting movie with heavy hitter actors, then go see "Margin Call". You won't be disappointed.


Here's another peek at the "Margin Call" trailer again:

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