Tuesday, September 22, 2009

These are the Real Questions...

So it's just a few hours before the 2-hour premiere of Heroes Vol 5 "Redemption".

Fans are literally quivering with anticipation... counting down the minutes... Druggies in need of the next super-powered-sexyHeroes fix.

Some are almost tearing their hair in angst, wondering ... "How will Matt deal with knowing the secret concerning Nathan and Sylar?" "Will Peter ever get his full powers back?" "What does Samuel from the carnival got anything to do with anything?" "Will Sylar get his body back???!!"

Ahhh.... Now we are getting somewhere. Especially with that last question. *grin*

Talking about body.... Sylar's in particular... My fellow Sylar fans, admit it, the real questions concerning Season 4 are:

  • Will Sylar be wearing more suits this season? (Boohoo for biceps-appreciators (T_T) )
  • Will we ever see Sylar showing off his biceps in more muscle tees?
  • Will Sylar again trade arm muscle porn moves with Peter Petrelli?
  • Will we catch Sylar doing his infamous but sexy two-finger move again?
  • Will Sylar have more "shiny new toys"?
I can't wait to explicitly document my findings.

So, don't MISS the premiere episode, continue to watch "Heroes" and see if the questions that are close to our hormones.. er... I meant hearts... will finally be answered!

For a flush, you can watch a Heroes S4 preview here:

And, not forgetting.... "CORN NUTS!"

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  1. It was most excellent! As is that pic. Woo hoo!

  2. Loved the premiere! And Sylar in a suit, although obscuring th biceps, is sexy as hell! And as far as "Will Sylar get his body back?" Well, if it shows up in my bed, it's never leaving. Just so you all know ;-)

  3. I know :( No bare biceps view :(
    But his scenes were really good!