Friday, September 4, 2009

Multi-task It!

Zach multi-tasks like no man can.

I usually know of guys who can only concentrate on one thing at a time. I see that alot in my office... -_-

In "The Hostage", Zach demonstrates how effective multi-tasking can be done... while holding a gun to someone's head *and* a real live baby....and yelling heart-felt curses. Impressive.

Biceps muscles mandatory as well.

So while you are busy trying to achieve the Zach-level of multi-tasking, DO NOT FORGET to tune in to the Behind the Scenes footage video to be released by Before the Door/ ZQ mid of next week!!!!


  1. Heh. "Heartfelt curses." I love it.

  2. If anyone can get away with yelling heartfelt curses at me, it's ZQ.