Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gloriously F**#&@!!-ed Up

An epic video with Zach in it requires a blog post. With or without bare arms. (The biceps can wait.)

You only need a gun, a dark sense of humour, LOTS of swearing, an ironic love story and a tragic ending. Oops.

You F@!!^(#!@@ Hear THAT? WATCH IT!!

Else I'll shoot!

PS: If you love the vid, pls send all foul-swearing love to Zach and Before the Door....
(screencap by oldfilmsflicker)


  1. I can't wait to see this! Darn it being blocked at work. :(

  2. I hope you post a picture from the recalcitrant "mushroom-headed..." scene ... best part of the flick ; D

  3. I love that, "I haven't eaten all day! Have you...?"

  4. Srsly? You want a pic from that scene? I can do that .. LOL

  5. that was the best damned thing ever!!