Monday, September 14, 2009

Gettin' Down and Dirrrty

... I swear I heard a lot of ovaries (and/ or insert your preferred noun) exploding worldwide earlier today as these pics of Zach the sexy Mechanic surfaced on the internet.

Simply said, it is sexy when a hunk is doing an activity that'll get him all sweaty and dirty ... and a little greasy.... and he's making good use of his muscular arms, like turning a tyre wrench and changing a tyre. I'm rather impressed that Zach likes to get his own messy manly stuff done. And not standing by the roadside, looking all namby-pamby. o(^.^)b

If I were there, I would have handed him water to drink, wiped beads of perspiration off him and devour the eye candy right in front of me. Just being real... :P Also, I'm useless with cars.

It is really difficult not to admire our bb's beautifully bulging biceps especially when he's in that cute tight "God surfed" tee. In fact, ahem... I'm cutting this short to go ogle again.... hehehe..

Take in more of the arm porn at Accidental Sexiness!

Biceps out! ε≡......(( (^_^)

1 comment:

  1. Just when you thought ZQ couldn't get any hotter, he has to go and prove you wrong. Look at those biceps work! And that scruff. Mmm, my mind is going to a very dirty place! Yum!