Sunday, September 13, 2009

Power of Invisibility Required!

He was once moping on his couch for weeks wondering if he should quit acting and growing an impressive "Rabbinical beard" (quoting an interview article).. and now... he has grasped the admiration and fantasy of gadzillions of fan-girls (and boys).

That's how it's like when you turn Vulcan. And universally bringing sexy back with da Spock.

It's no surprise then to hear Zach mention that it wouldn't have been fun for him to wander around this year's Comic Con with his mates. (Screaming, crying fangirls.. Ahhhhh! (O_O;) even hearing about them scares me!)

Poor guy. Stuck. In his hotel room. And revealing his biceps for only announced panels, interviews and promo stuff, like the Wired Cafe photoshoot above. A prisoner of fame.

Methinks Zach needs to "go Sylar" and try to hunt Claude Rains down and steal his power of invisibility. But the hunt might take some time. How do you ever find an Invisible Man? Hmm... Any secret mad group of scientists out there who have successfully re-invented "the Hollow Man Experiments"? Oh, oh! Or he could borrow Harry Potter's Cloak of Invisibility!

Check out CBR TV's interview with Zach that was filmed during Comic Con 2009, where he talks about the soon-to-be-released comics "Mr Murder Is Dead" and "Lucid" by his production company, Before the Door and Archaia Comics. Maybe you would have more innovative ideas on how Zach will be able to enjoy future Comic Cons better. (And yes, his biceps were visually delicious in the vid. Plus, I love the shout-out to Mage.. er Mabes!!!):

All these talk on fame and invisibility is making me ponder if I actually want to become internet-famous. I don't think I have the face for it. Besides I've passed the young and sexy age. I'm now just old.. and sexy. heheh. I would love to find actual paying work in the digital medium again though.

I do not know where all these personal brain farts are going but... HEEEYYYY, BICEPS! *points to the top of page* Did you all notice the spankin' new image header?? Pretty, eh?? Do give props to my online friend Lammy for blending the image together!

And.... the out-takes video for "The Hostage" will be available on Tuesday, 15th September! Remember to sign up for Zach's Funny or Die site! He wants you to! For Realsies!

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  1. Love the new header! Beautiful ZQ biceps are beautiful <3 And Zach and his geeky glasses were beyond adorable at Comic Con!