Saturday, October 3, 2009

Charming Monsters

Let's say, you desire to be special or want to rule the world, and expect to acquire some infamy and manipulate not a few mediocre normal people in the process ... what might be the best way to achieve this?

Why... be Charmingly Devious of course!

Oh, I am sure going at it with guns to heads would work too. But it is definitely not as elegant or intelligent. And mule-headed victims or informants would willingly take the desired information with them to their deaths.

Which kinda defeats the purpose, isn't it? 'Cause normal people can be such useful tools in helping you achieve your goal! And you won't be able to amass your very own minions.

So, it's no surprise that Charisma is an important ingredient on creating your very own brand of villainy. Why can't you enthrall them all while doing very bad, naughty things, right? ;) Besides, it can be fun watching them go running around in circles knowing that you're the mastermind behind all that.

And our dear favourite "Heroes" villain, Sylar *oozes* such charm that we simply cannot resist him. Even when he hasn't gotten his body (and those strong bare biceps... I miss those biceps!) back yet. Plus he's sooooo difficult to ignore, especially when he has a fluffy Pink Bunny in his hands. You'd be so Sy-glamoured, like Matt, that you'd even follow that Pink Bunny down the bloody-red rabbit hole. DRATS!

For a detailed review of the last "Heroes" episode entitled "Ink", check out
Sci-fi Warehouse by @shejon! @shejon and I shared Zach's space together, so do swing by her blog for "Heroes" and other sci-fi goodness!

And for those going to this weekend's
Long Beach Comic Con Convention, our favourite Before the Door guys - Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa will be there with the Archaia folks and Michael McMillian! Michael McMillian will be signing limited edition posters for the comic release "Lucid".

Do email us at with photos and pics if you have met them and want to be featured here in this blog! :D

(screencap by syzzlyn, who is taking Sy-lessons on becoming enchantingly evil)

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