Thursday, October 29, 2009

Temptation, Temptations

What a cruel cruel way to start a "Heroes" episode.

Slay the fangirls (and fanboys... equal opportunity here) dead with a scorching Sylar-Janice sex scene within the first 40 seconds.... and then when they haven't quite recovered, revive them and get them all gleeful with Sylar slouching drunkenly-suggestive-like-so on a comfy red sofa.

Have to admit, I was way too distracted when those lovely biceps reappeared!! And how they appeared too! With that suave signature hair porn move! By then, I was - of cause - already a useless wet puddle when the chest and the curve of that lean back came on screen. Where's my favourite paramedic?!!?! It would have been far safer if I was watching this episode in a hospital! :p

Thank you, writers! You must have heard our collective chanting during the earlier ZQBiceps post "It's All In Your Head". Toldja it works, peeps! ;)

Anyhow... I had several temptations while watching the episode. I was sorely tempted to fast-forward all the sorority hell-week scenes. Did anybody *really* enjoy them?? Seriously? -_- Next, I was very tempted to drag Samuel off the screen so he can talk to me for hours in that seductive voice of his. *swoon*

But most of all, I was terribly tempted (ok, not so terribly because the thought isn't so terrible *grin*) to pounce on drunk Sylar. Or cheekily grab that juicy crunchy apple from his hand before he could take another bite. I also felt a sudden hunger pang and had the urge to go grab some fruits. Unfortunately, none were within reach. :/

Why are forbidden fruits always graphically shown as apples anyway? They are never usually shown as, let's say ... pineapples, bananas, mangoes, guavas... I know they are sometimes berries. Just google Eli Roth and Blueberries... *evil grin*

So if you want to be a forbidden fruit, what would you be? I've thought about this before.

I'm a Kumquat - small, an Asian native, sometimes sweet with a tangy bite... and juicy ;)

And I am sure these have been going around, but if you are so inclined to have repetitive movements on your screen, one of the Sylar-Janice sexy gifs is HERE.

Next week's "Heroes" episode - "Once Upon A Time In Texas" - shows Hiro going back in time at the Burnt Toast Cafe. Get sizzled by seeing the actual face of Sylar this time as we go into the time warp! Thanks to Herosite for this promo!

Sidenote: If you love acoustic-driven, soul-baring music, check out and buy Chris Dallman's new EP release "Never Was"! He is Zach's friend and he seems really sweet and lovely in person too. Good music deserves to be shared!! :D


  1. THANK YOU for the slo-mo GIF! Yummmm.

    That was a really good episode. Tho' poor Janice must've thought Matt was becoming schizophrenic at the end ... I feel bad for Parkman, I really do, but I had to laugh when Sylar got between him and Janice as they were having words and Matt said "he's rattling around in my brain" and Sylar said, "There's SO much room in there"!

    Claire hasn't been annoying me as much this season, I think, because she's becoming more assertive instead of whining to Dad. She's taking pretty good care of herself. But yeah, the second time I watched the ep. I FFwd'd thru everything that wasn't Sylar or Gabriel!

  2. This episode was the best so far in terms of seeing sexy Sylar! And thank you so much for the gif!!! I totally wanted to hug the tv when Sylar said to Matt, "you know I can give you some pointers..." I was like "no! Please, do tell!" XD If Eli and Zach were to do a vid together I would so melt if it was them in wifebeaters just eating fruit...and also them glaring while they feast on their blueberries and their pineapples. lol.Then maybe end with splashdown in a pool...but that's only if I can make it through the first part.

  3. Saw this pic:

    Remembered the blog

    Came to read

    And liked a lot. :D

    Anyway, still afraid it could be Sylar dying in this season. :/

  4. I finally got around to watching this Ep of Heroes. That Janice-Sylar sex scene was aaammmaazzziiinnng. So foxy, that needs to happen more.

  5. Gracian - not feeling good about the rumours either. Wendi said she hasn't spoken to Zach for just about past a week. :(