Monday, October 12, 2009

I'd give an Arm and...

.. well, it's a puny, lean arm compared to Zach's (but kinda well-toned, I have to say)... still, I'd give an arm and a leg just to see our favourite bb give one of his radiant smiles at photoshoots and events again.

That blank or deer-caught-in-the-headlights look seems to have become di rigeur at shoots during formal events and in some fan pics lately. :(

Why that distant stare? Poor guy...

Has all that frenzied shooting at "Heroes" tired you out? Judging from @wendilynnmakeup's and @JamesProps tweets, I know there have been quite a few long night shoots lately.

Are those annoying bullying paps getting you down?

Are you craving to do something creatively new other than just "Heroes"?

Maybe all these events and promos are getting to be a yawnful of socializing 'the-same-the-same'... I would also think that the crazed fangirling/boying out there can get a bit much too.

As much as I lament about the lack of bare biceps (*sob*) lately, I mourn more for Zach's disappearing smile. I know that there are many of us who would love to see his special smile beam more frequently again. You know, the smile that used to come so easily and lights up an entire room. Heck, the universe even.. < - lens flare! - >... anyway, I've digressed...

Yes, the Zach Smile has been quite rare in recent times... sigh..

Talking about giving an arm and a leg.. if you can't afford that, you can still give something to the SArmy's donation drive! All proceeds will go to the Epilepsy Foundation. Donate USD10 or more to the SArmy and you'll be entered to win a prize pack. Do your bit for charity and click here NOW!

And don't forget to watch this week's episode of "Heroes" entitled "Hysterical Blindness"... *just* to catch dirty Sylar. It'll be very good for your brain ;)


  1. I happened across a video last night of "ZQ at Bardot" which I thought was an official-type vid of him plumping for a charity or something ... no, it was a pathetic paparazzi chase of a stone-faced ZQ across a parking lot to his car. Poor guy; he can't even be polite any more. He used to at least say "Hi," and "No, sorry," but they have just bothered him to the point where he has to give them the Cut Direct. I need to report that video.

    I think there is a little too much discomfiting focus on his private life ... yet I feel hypocritical saying this because I like seeing certain photos [Zach at the beach, Zach changing a tyre] that obviously seem products of paparazzi.

    Maybe with the deer-in-the-headlights look he's trying to bore everyone so they leave him alone.

    Or maybe he's letting his own boredom show ... or he's feeling down.

    Anyway, here's hoping his "news of upcoming stage work" means an SNL gig !!!

    And here's a hopeful smile sent Zachary Quinto's way in encouragement. You are world-class, sweetie, and don't you forget it.

  2. I just want to add what an inspiration ZQ is -- his toned body has inspired me to get in shape myself! I have been too long lacking in that department. But the sight of ZQ's arm muscles [and those beautiful shoulders] has inspired me to take up working out again!

    ZQ is a great example for many of us, driving a Prius and speaking up for political change ... and working out!

    Go Zachary! Thanks for being a role model!