Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dangerous emissions

*crash*! Sorry! *stumble* OUCH! :/

Ah! ooh. ... Hi there! Did you see that thick pink estrogen fog-cloud back there?? Goodness, I had difficulty trying to find my way to this blog!

On Monday, global temperatures suddenly hit mercurial highs and the polar ice caps nearly had a total melt-down. The estrogen fog-cloud has also now yet to dissipate.

Zachary! What did you do?? More importantly, how do you do it?

For those not in the know, here's the lead up to this momentous event: on Monday night, thousands glued themselves to a TV or computer screen, intently watching dirty Sylar transform into purple-plaided-confused-yet-dastardly-handsome Synathbriel (via a brief show of bare biceps and a happy trail within 5 seconds into the eppy), and later progressing into a very wet Synathbriel in transculent white linen (*yum*!) >_<

..........@_@ .........! ......... !!!

Oops. heh. Pardon me. My thoughts went into places I cannot unpornographically express here upon a hormonal flashback of wet Sylar.

And HAIL to the wardrobe department for making purple plaids look sexy for men! And the people who chose that white linen baptismal outfit must love us very much too. ;)

With the damage he has done recently, I think Zach should come with a global-warming and health warning label. Such a warning should be screened before each Sylar-focused episode of "Heroes" . Yes? No?

Before you decide to agree/ disagree, please take a look at the animation gifs here... scroll down the page (Thanks to Jasmine, owner of the Zachary-Kristen website!)

For a good rundown of the episode "Tabula Rasa", check out my twitter-pal @shejon's Scifi Warehouse blog!

Next week, Wet Sylar turns into Shirtless Sylar.

Here's the trailer courtesy of

Don't say I didn't warn ya! Especially those with weak hearts and a very fertile imagination.

Please have your own paramedic ready! (Peter Petrelli, anyone?)

PS: Is anybody more than slightly nervous about the spoiler hinted by Kristen in EW?? :(

PSS: And a referral plug here. If you share alot Heroes/Sylar files amongst friends or between your iPhone and computers, get the application Dropbox ! I just tried it and it's really easy to use!

screencap by syzzlyn, who will get her hands on a pair of estrogen fog-resistant goggles soon


  1. I so enjoyed your gushing about wet Sylar. If anything, your estrogen-fueled observations were too short. I found I needed much more after reading this entry. Twice.

    I just hope I don't die before next week's Sylar/Matt/Janice threesome. I would really hate to miss that.

  2. Ahhh.. yes.. after reading the blog, I wouldn't want to stop anyone from suddenly rushing to their TV/ comp screen and re-watching this week's eppy AGAIN, you see ;)

    Play.. Rewind

  3. Yes, lots and lots of pauses.

  4. Unfortunately, my video player for nbc.come [how appropriate a typo!] did not allow for frame-by-frame analysis ... but I did replay that scene a time or two ... and will revisit the episode too ... the air was pretty thick here!

    Yes thank you!! White linen costume constructors ... and Zachary Quinto, for maintaining such a lovely, healthy body.

    This lady has to climb down now.

  5. Wow. This episode. Just wow. Many very good wardrobe choices. And chest hair. And sexy abs. And biceps. And white pants. And wetness. And sexy flirting. And Edgar jealousy. And hotness. And me wanting to be Lydia.

  6. And do you think the wardrobe people raided ZQ's personal closet for what Sylar's wearing next week? :-)

  7. Sure looks like they've been raiding ZQ's closet, for the shirt this last episode and for the shirt and hat in the upcoming ep.

    Poor Matt! He comes to and his wife is praising his lovemaking ... well, we all knew Sylar would be hotttt.

    Sign me, envious of Lydia ...

  8. Happy trail ? I assume that refers to some hair on the lower torso of our hero =^..^=

    What spoiler did Kristen refer to in EW? Can you link or tell us where to find this?

  9. MJ .. yes ;)
    Some fans have now proclaimed that as an "ecstasy forest".

    But I still feel.. "happy trail" just has a more snappier zing to it, despite it's simpler terminology.

    I don't know where the link is now. I didn't bookmark it. Sorry :(

  10. Yeah, I like "happy trail" better ... b/c the trail leads to ... well we all get the idea! I think the ecstacy forest would be up around the pectoral area ... at least in a family blog, heh-heh

    I'm just curious as to what Kristen might have hinted at ... I don't need to see the actual article/interview ...

    Any idea?

  11. The spoiler said something along the lines of.. "the one guy everyone says it can't be."

  12. Well, I'm waiting for your new post now. If you exploded last week, there's nothing left of you now! LOL!!!
    Nice blog!

  13. Glad you're enjoying the fun ;)
    I am not in the USA and am ahead of time... (Sullivan Bros have now asked me for daily Lottery Tik numbers... tsk tsk.. and nope, I haven't bumped into Hiro yet) That is why the new blog posts seem to be a little delayed.

    I'll try to get one up by tmr. i.e. Tmr MY TIME lol :)