Monday, October 5, 2009

Armed for Charity

Don't be fooled, people.

Those dangerous biceps - even though nicely covered and suited up - are well-armed to do serious charity work.

Zach was all his usual business-like GQMF-ness at last weekend's Acts of Love, an Evening of Theatre and Music benefitting Autism Speaks. (More pics available at
Accidental Sexiness' blog!)

And for those who are still not in the know, Zach is also our fearless leader for the formidable
Sylar's Army. We are fieeerrrrce and we will over-rule the world with our charitable spirit! ;)

Sylar's Army or SArmy, raises money for charity that Zach supports. At the moment, it is the
Epilepsy Foundation. There are lots of cool SArmy merchandise one can purchase from the website in support of charity.

We will also soon be welcoming a new honorary member to SArmy - Ray Park! Equally biceps-tually-pleasing Ray, who plays Edgar in "Heroes", was recruited this last weekend by @eserei27 at the Mid-Ohio con. Before the Mid-Ohio con, some of us - including @Sheindie and moi - had tweeted to Ray and invited him to join SArmy.

And that is not all...........there is also
an eBay auction for a Zach autograph photo which ends REAL SOON! Check it out and bid for it, if you can afford it!

So it's no excuse, flex those biceps muscles of yours, and you can do some mean charity work too! :D

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