Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shackled By Circumstance

Once we saw that familiar dirty hand and body emerge from the shallow grave, most Heroes fans couldn't wait to see what kind of person would be re-born.

As he was coldly manacled to the desk and interrogated, we then found out, he was neither Sylar nor Nathan, nor the Gabriel Gray we once knew. "Sylar" was as new as a baby born ... and oh so scared and disoriented. Poor baby. *pat pat*

And those poor tightly handcuffed hands!! Hands up all those who winced when he jerked his hands desperately trying to escape from those cuffs and yelped as he got hurt? Guess they aren't aware yet of how those Sy-hands can do really bad damage. At this point though, "Sylar" was ineffectual by fear; immobilized by unfamiliar territory.

I am sure those feelings are familiar to many of you. Been there myself. Although my practical nature took over easier than most who "think" and feel more with their hearts. That awful feeling of being stuck and unable to move; not knowing where to turn or go... getting drowned by overwhelming waves of despair as you feel chained and shackled by circumstance.

Well.. from those hard times, I've learnt that going SOMEWHERE is better than taking nary a step at all! And having someone that prods you gently in a direction helps.

Sooooo, as "Sylar" arrives at the very luring, very shiny Sullivan Bros. Carnival, let's see how Dirty Sylar progresses to Wet (yum! :P~~~) Sylar in this week's episode "Heroes" episode entitled Tabula Rasa.

To whet your appetite, here's a Samuel-Sylar-focused promo for the new episode!

Plus, congrats to Zach for a new producing deal with country music star Brad Paisley, producer Mark Schwann, and writers Neal Dodson and Matt Bomer to create and co-produce a TV show for the CW Network, tentatively titled "Nashville". The show is set to debut next year! (Source:

(screencap by syzzlyn, who is taking steps to more unbridled freedom)


  1. Sylar wet was indeed drool-worthy! And so was angsty Gabriel. I love angsty, especially the way ZQ does it. [sniff]

    Very interesting plot developments ... I liked that he's getting lucky with Lydia, but I'm not so sure about the conflict that'll come out of that ...

    I listened to some Brad Paisley and I can see why ZQ likes him ... the guy has a wonderful sense of humor! I hope that show does really well! I wonder if Paisley/Quinto will appear on it or just produce it.

    Thanks for your inspirational blog entries! I enjoy reading them. Live long & prosper to all ZQ fans!

  2. Sometimes I'm not so inspirational.. I think the next blog is just a SQUEE ;)
    But thanks for coming by and reading and commenting. MUCH APPRECIATED!

    I'm curious about this CW-series myself. Even though I'm so not a country-music fan!