Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh Noes!

... the season for spending is coming!! O_O And in that spirit of spending, I just ordered the Ltd Ed Aus version of the Enterprise Star Trek (2009) DVD from
EzyDVD that came with the USS Enterprise replica model. WOOHOO! Can't wait for it to arrive!

As the Aus release was much earlier than the N American release, several screencaps of the DVD extras and features have already surfaced on the internet. And some were really funny! The Star Trek (2009) gag real that was leaked a few weeks ago is particularly stomach-burstingly hilarious. Spock with an Irish accent - FTW!
(laughs in memory of those last couple of minutes)

Here's what you "might not have seen" from the gag reel ;) CLICK HERE!

Zach sure made good use of those lean biceps of his while filming Star Trek (2009). There was a segment in the gag reel where he took a really good but unfortunate shot at Captain Fine... and although I haven't actually seen the bonus features yet - he seemed to have been laughing quite a lot with *palm(s) to face*. I think it must be really hard to keep a straight face when you're standing in front of Simon Pegg! hehehe

As Oct 31st marks the trek towards the season of spending, I noticed that my overseas friends have been scarily partying away this weekend! It was spooky Halloween, of course. Halloween is not a big thing here at all. However on Hallow's Eve, my evil twin, mriel and I decided to visit the sacred grave of a 14th century a parameswara and some olden colonial tombstones and structures at historic Fort Canning Hill. (Pics are on my Facebook, for those interested.)

For this year's Halloween, Zach was scary as a skeleton, lean biceps and all. (Wait... that doesn't make Halloween sense .. lol.. skeletons technically do not have biceps :p ) I thought this costume was way much easier to stomach than the rather disturbing Bert from Sesame Street of 2008. For pics of Skelty-Zach, check out
Tyler Shields' website!

And guess what? It's time for Retro Sylar this Monday!! I wonder what kind of nastiness alternative-reality-Retro Sylar will be up to for his week's "Heroes" episode. I can't wait since he looks very delicious in that blue cap of his. Again, the fabulous has the promo pics! Have to say -- the one brilliant thing in "Heroes" is them casting someone this sexy to play someone so evil. ARGH. The agony!

Talking about delicious nom-bits, a bevy of us are now proud owners of the brand new online blog "The Man-wich Cafe". We aim to serve regular real and hot man-wiches. Feel free to follow and comment! Or pass the link around! Email us if you have any suggestions for new dishes. ;)

~syzzlyn, who is hungrily spending


  1. Yes, ZQ sure did make splendid use of his delicious biceps in ST. Well, he used every body part quite splendidly - as he always does. I'm so anxious for Star Trek to come out on DVD! Cannot waiiiiiit!


    How are you? :D
    I'm going to buy it on the 17th, my birthday, with all those cute pins!!!
    Have to see that "brow brothers" featurette.

  3. damn.. why do you have to make me go dead with that furry arm pic? And that smile to go with it too. You're evil :p

    Re: brow bros.. I know. I love me some Joe!