Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scruffy Vulcan+Grandpa Sweaters = Sexy

The above equation summed up what transpired last week in the world of Zach. I am quite sure it is very mathematically sound ;) and I do not think Spock would even consider it illogical.

It was also logical that the interwebs were hyped up last week. They have been actively monitoring the frequency of the long-awaited Star Trek (2009) movie DVD/ Blu-ray release, and have been going all aurally and linguistically Vulcan (or Romulan, if the case may be) with the various leaked previews and screencaps. The Aussies seemed to have gotten theirs the earliest. Since I'm living closer to the Land of Down Under, I had ordered my Ltd Edition DVD from an Aus online shop and got mine a week early too.

The bonus features of the DVD were interesting enough. Scruffy Spock and Zach man-scaping his own eyebrows?!? Full of Win! LOL! But I wish there was more extras for the DVD release. Not everyone can afford a Blu-Ray player.. darnit!

I was sorely disappointed that the Quinto Bros feature was only available in the Blu-Ray version. *pout* However, I was pleased with the surprise Squee of the night. Very Special mention of a few deleted scenes whereby someone - also with pointy ears - was oh-so-hunkily shirtless!!

And for the benefit of embarassing ourselves in the cyberworld, we have duly documented our Trek DVD Squeefest. Feel free to laugh or groan over our
PRE-Squeefest and POST-Squeefest vids.

To help kick-off the North American DVD release, the Star Trek (2009) cast added their starry lens-flare-like brightness to the DVD release party held at the Griffith Observatory in LA. Intriguingly, Captain Fine was nowhere in sight. 0_O The other cast members who turned up all looked very upbeat and very GQMF.

Most of the guests were in rather formal wear, but laidback Zach (whose bright smile was back in action again.. YAY! :) ) had to turn up looking metrosexually geek-casual in his woolly tie, jeans, comfy sneakers and fashion glasses. And if you think that Grandpa Sweaters only makes you think of grizzly balding old men and denture-cleaners, then THINK AGAIN! Coz Zach looked mighty sexy in that cozy grey Grandpa Sweater of his!

He could even pull that look off in an armful of green Orion girls ;) So 'nuff said!

I have to point out that Zach hasn't been the only one working his natural charm in public events recently. Noah Quinto paraded his furry four-limbed DQMF-ness at last Saturday's "Hollywood Least Wanted" charity benefit. In a classic cool demeanor, Noah patiently indulged his owner in photo-taking at the event; he got acquainted with an adorable little girl in a tutu and nonchalantly sniffed at her pink feather boa. All in a hard day's work for a celebrity pooch!

Here's an ovaries-bursting video of Summer meeting Zach and Noah at the event. Cuteness overload!

Sheer adorableness aside, it warmed my heart to see Zach giving thanks
on his Official website to the SArmy and ZQC for our contributions to charity. More SArmy related charity drives will be coming up soon. So DO JOIN US to get the latest news!!

I will try to get another Heroes-centric blog post up soon. Meanwhile, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my US friends! :D

A Trek DVD Squeefest was then eagerly scheduled with my evil twin, mriel, on the ominous date of Friday the 13th of November. A nice lush bed, a smooth bottle of Aussie Wolf Blass Gold Label red wine, bag of hot and spicy chips plus a 27" flat screen LCD TV provided the tremulous setting in which the Squeefest occurred.


  1. It was a very good Zach week! And thanks for posting that Summer/Noah/Zach video, cos it just killed me again. How many times can I allow one video to kill me before I stop watching it?!

  2. It was a fairly good ZQ week on "Heroes" if only b/c ZQ falling face down and getting up shows a certain rear portion of his muscled anatomy to its advantage ; D

    I don't think I'm going to like the nail gun next week ... ouch

    Hoorah for ZQ and NQ ... "America's Least Wanted" ... animal charity? I hope cats are included.

    I still hope Zach adopts a spayed female cat and names her Maude, to go with Harold.

  3. What this Heroes fan needs is moar Sylar in grey dress pants!

    Whoooo-hoooo, he looks soooo good.

    Wow this week's ep was epic. Was that Nathan, or Sylar playing Nathan, or what? and how did Sylar get his powers back...? And just where was Peter shooting those nails, into his hip??? Yow!!

    Is a puzzlement

    But as long as Zachary Quinto's with them, so am I!

  4. I didn't really care where Peter was erm.. shooting those nails.. but that crouch on top of Sylar! O_O I'm jealous :|