Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sylar Hungry, Sylar Nailed

*narrows eyes* I am beginning to suspect the "Heroes" writers are up to no good when it comes to Sylar. They seem to be turning up the Sylar-bad-assness a few notches in the past two weeks' episodes.

In "Thanksgiving", Sylar feeling very STARVED, made me feel very HUNGRY too. Watching him dig into that pie, makes me imagine all things nom nom nom. :D If you are not convinced,
click here!

Sylar was also being very naughty kissing Mommy Petrelli. Oooh. Me envious. O_O

And as for this week's "The Fifth Stage" -- yes, I am indeed *very* aware that Sylar Got NAILED. Peter, damn it. It was suppose to me doing the nailing!! *pout*

Did you see the fear in Peter's eyes when he found out that lady in the elevator was actually shape-shifting Sylar? I like that there's this super-powered villain who can be equally menacing without his powers. Zach sure knows how to turn on the nasty as Sylar.. from his chilling near-snarly whisper to the vicious use of his muscley biceps pommelling Peter after he got "Pete-haitian-ed".

However, poor Sylar did get bloodied and overpowered by an offending tool and was nailed (ahem!) while splayed in a rather blasphemously sexy crucifixion pose. Was that even intentional?!!!

You know, and again, I wasn't a fan of the Claire scenes. Samuel is usually captivating in his segments but why do they fall flat when both Claire and Gretchen are in the picture??? Real blah! I did notice that Samuel is also beginning to sound a tad more Irish lately! And it was a very nice surprise to see the return of the Puppet Master! I always thought the Puppet Master was one of the other more interesting villains besides Sylar. In his return to our TV screens, Doyle's part of the Sullivan "family" and was in giant teddy-bearish-smile mode and happy-nicey-huggy with Claire.

@dhlawrencexvii is really quite a dear. He even tweeted me back when I told him that I wished Doyle was still bad ;)

Sadly for those in Team Petrelli, "The Fifth Stage" marked a very touching exit for Nathan Petrelli (although I have actually lost count how many times he has died - including past, future or alternate realities - ACK!). I will miss your boxers from first season, Nathan... Good times.

So... it's definitely timely that a very honorable biceps mention goes to beefy manly Adrian Pasdar in this blog post.

Scruffy Adrian was at an autograph signing session in NYC this Monday. My twitter pal
@darkelegance had the squee-like pleasure of meeting him in person. This is her quick round-up of the epic moment:

"Monday morning was probably one of the best moments in my Heroes fandom escapades. I went to NYC to meet Adrian Pasdar and it was EPIC! So where do I even begin? As soon as he walked in I was in heaven. He had the biggest smile on his face and he waved to us... his hands are perfect by the way. Nice and big and strong! Oh god. He had on a dark brown sweaterish shirt and jeans. His hair was standing every which way, like it does when Nathan has just flown somewhere. He had on his glasses as well and the Pasbeard!!! It wasn't epic Season 2 Pasbeard, but it was pretty awesomely scruffy and looked amazing on him. Hell, he always looks amazing. I seriously wanted to run my fingers through that and his hair, but I refrained myself.

So when it was my turn to go get his autograph, I went up there and I had to take a fangirly moment before I could even talk. He was so adorable about it and shook his hand introducing himself and asking what my name was. Then I told him what a brilliant actor he was and how much we're gonna miss Nathan Petrelli. I thanked him for putting his heart and soul into a character that has become the favorite of so many. And the entire time I was just staring at his face, hardly even believing that I was there. He talked about how awesome it was working with Milo, AND THEN HE HUGGED ME AND I ALMOST DIED! So that's the short version. He's even more beautiful in real life than on TV. I didn't even think that was possible, but it is! He's gorgeous and funny and SO very sweet and kind. Such a good soul :) "

Check out the smiling Pasdarian scruffiness! (Pic by @darkelegance)

We hope to see you as a regular in another series, Adrian!!

"The Fifth Stage" also marked the start of a short break for "Heroes". The series won't be back till first week of Jan 2010 with another 2-hour special. That doesn't mean that the folks have been taking a break though! From what I've read on Twitter, the actors and behind the scenes peeps have been rushing to complete principal shooting for the last lot of episodes by Christmas.

@cldp tweeted that they were filming episode 18. Paps pics showed that Zach had been in on set last Sunday with Milo... and Zach himself also updated his myspace status as such:

On another note, if you have lots.. (and I do mean LOTS!) of spare money, you might want to consider this benefit event called "Hearts on Fire" that Zach will be attending together with Noah Wyle and Jane Kaczmarek - to name a few - at the Ojai Playright Conference.

Since I don't have that much moolah, and am also saving my money for next year's Comic Con (woot! woot!), I'll just have to feed my addiction for snarky Sylar by re-watching some of these "Heroes" episodes till Jan 2010 comes round!


  1. I found out about your blog from a @Sheindie tweet. What an entertaining read!

    I look forward to reading more of your Quinto/Sylar/"Heroes" musings.


  2. Hello Steffani... Thanks and always happy to entertain ;) hehehe

  3. So this Nathan's Death episode was the last until [gasp] JANUARY?!