Thursday, December 24, 2009

Festive with Sweaters.. and then..

... we'll SAVE THE WORLD!! \(-__-)/

Oops. I was getting excited there. That's cause I just heard a few hours ago that Sylar was going to save the world - as we Heroes fans know it. And why not?? Since he has an ever-ready Sylar's Army to do his bidding?? :D Plus, I bet he'll be flexing those sexy biceps while doing the saving.

Don't believe me? Check this seductive Sylar voiced-promo vid at! The promo is for the two-hours of Heroes when the show returns on January 4th!

On a non-Heroes note, the Before the Door guys have been Sean-Akered with very cheesy festive-looking sweaters for the holidays!! Every time I look at that pic above, I can't help smiling. hehehe. (Pic from Before the Door)

Neal Dodson has also posted something rather informative on ZQC about their upcoming projects and Zach possibly getting more involved with his fans online in the new year. Check it out here!!

It would be lovely to have Zach engage with us directly more, but I don't want him to feel as if he had to do it. Sometimes a little mystique is actually quite nice!! Don't you think?

The various tidbits about their projects in-progress are very exciting however. The announcement regarding the country music-based TV pilot called "Nashville" has already been made. Although, admittedly... I still have to wind my mind around the mash-up of geeky-adorkable Zachary, pretty Matt Bomer, his artistic friends and erm.. country music.. Don't mind me. I'll try to get used to it. Sooner or later :p

You can read the details about "Nashville" on Zach's website.

Some of us also got wind of something very mysteriously Mazmanian. It seems that a film is being developed by a certain LM and BFD, with Zach potentially in the lead role!! The post was all vague and so tormentingly teasing. Argh.

So there's lots to look out for in the Zach World in 2010. I'm getting chills just thinking about it. That doesn't help AT ALL coz it's been wet and rainy over here. Marvellous monsoon weather, I have to say. You can view a short vid of me and my umbrella-ella-ella here on my YouTube channel.

And BTW, it's already CHRISTMAS EVE HERE!!!

Happy HOLIDAYS, everyone!

Have a merry time, stay safe and be happy ;)


  1. I love nothing more than a tacky, ugly holiday sweater. Well done. Happy Holidays!

  2. Hope you had a great Festive Season too!