Friday, January 1, 2010

From Ommmmm to Lean Muscles

The paps must have got wind of Zach's yoga haunt. In place of the constant Zach-Noah walking posts, I've noticed that his yoga mat has been making more appearances than his cute furry companion these days!!

And oh, to be his yoga mat. Carried by those nice ZQ biceps! If you wonder how you could go about building up not-too-bulky arm muscles, some nice abs, and lots of core strength while still attaining peace of mind and focus, yoga is it. (I highly recommend pilates too!)

I go for my yoga classes at least twice a week. I wish I could attend more classes but I'm unable to shuffle away my other commitments. To those who are unaware, there are many different kinds of yoga - ashtanga, hatha, vinyasa, bikram, kundalini..... I even recently attended one called tapas yoga. And no .. it sadly didn't involve serving us some tapas (like a ZQ one.. nom nom...) while we were doing poses. Tapas means "fire" in Sanskit and the session was meant to create heat or "fire" within our bodies through breathing exercises combined with the asanas. It was an interesting class to say the least.

To me, yoga is a great stress reliever. It helps me regain what I lost being mentally frustrated at work. To attain the correct body alignments and to hold your asanas, require not only technique, correct breathing and lots of practice but also, a calm peace of mind of merely being in the present. Especially the balancing poses. If you are distracted or filled with wandering thoughts, it is difficult to even do a simple tree pose!

So, it's no real surprise that I see a lot of celebs doing yoga these days. Probably helps to keep them sane and healthy at the same time. Back to Zach and yoga, my fertile imagination was going wild with the thoughts of those arms holding a downward dog or a wheel pose. heh heh. I was also beginning to ponder on how flexible he actually is :p (And don't tell me you didn't think of *that*!)

Oh, and I have to give special props to Zach's style of yoga wear. Super relaxed and super hip-cool. I love that chilli-red duffle bag he was carrying during one of his yoga jaunts. And I don't care what you might say, but that scarf on his head to keep out his Pantene hair (refer to pic above), the soft white sweater as cover-ups and flip flops! WIN for me.

I have no issues with flip-flops. I'm a flip-flops girl myself.. I guess it's the island girl in me speaking.

So... anybody tempted to indulge in some omms, do those downward dogs, get those cat and dog stretches going and develop some sexy lean muscles? Hasn't Zach tempted you enough? ;)

To regale in that beautiful yummy yoga-toned ZQ bod, you have 3 more days to the new "Heroes" 2-hour opener which consists of episodes "Upon This Rock" and "Let It Bleed"!! Are you excited yet? It seems that Sylar will be returning to the carnival!!

There's a Masi Oka interview which he did recently for the Red Cross, and it contains some spoilers (Hiro scenes with Ando) in the upcoming "Heroes" episodes. You can check it out on!!

And since we are very far from most of you, my friend @_mriel and I decided to record a festive vid-greet. Check it out at my youtube channel.. and feel free to follow, add as friend or leave a comment!

A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2010! Should we call it the noughties for the naughties?? ;)


  1. I really hope I can get back to doing Yoga because I truly miss it! My lower back has had a bit of a problem over the last year. I really want to re-claim flexibility and core strength.

    Now we know part of the secret of ZQ's beautiful bod, on evidence in Monday's ep.!

    But, yes, Yoga does make a body quite flexible, and a long, lean figure only help in that. Oh, dear me! I'm just picturing ZQ in the cat pose ... mmmmmm

  2. Headline could perhaps read

    From Ommmmm to Nom Nom Nom


  3. Nom nom nom indeed
    I do prefer the long lean body types. ;)

    MJ, maybe you can do more of the gentle/ therapy style yoga... a little "softer" in poses.. it might help build more abit more strength slowly.

  4. BTW MJ.. have I got you on Twitter or Facebook already? :)

  5. Zach was doing a new years yoga intensive, from what I learned (I looked it up!), so the paps got a treat of him going to his class every day over the New Years weekend.

    He practices Anusara Yoga- and I would like to find a class that teaches it in my area. I've never done yoga- to be honest, all the pictures of people in pretzel poses have been a bit off-putting, to be honest. I don't bend that way! But I might give it a try. And I will give Zach credit for getting me interested in it enough to overcome my fear of it.

  6. Anusara is also a form of hatha. I prefer hatha yoga amongst others.

    I am quite flexible when I was younger. Even when I wasn't doing any sports or exercise for many years and I got back into yoga again to restore strength to my bad knee/ leg. I found that I managed to get got back my flexibility within a month or so. For the first two weeks of class, I body-ached REAL BAD!

    Plus I noticed I got more core strength within 3 mths. My left knee felt stronger. And all those downward dogs and chaturanga really does give you those arm biceps muscles!

    With frequent practise, you'll find that you'll improves. Even if it's in small increments. You have to be patient, listen to your body and keep calm.

    I find yoga really good at listening to the body.. finding out how your muscles and mind react, how you feel (r you going into this pose too quickly when you know you're not ready) ..It's a form of exercise that you simply can't "rush". And it's a total body-mind experience.