Sunday, January 17, 2010

Helping Hands So Powerful

... that the fandom responds!

A flurry of activity arose the last couple of days to support various charity drives in bringing much-needed financial support and aid to troubled post-earthquake Haiti.

In typical Heroic fashion that is so expected of them, the cast and crew of "Heroes" lovingly and ardently put their voices out there (in their websites, tweets, Facebook pages, etc) to support their "family member" Jimmy Jean-Louis - who is Haitian - and to publicize the ways in which we can assist Haiti.

Jimmy is very active with charity projects in Haiti, so it was sad when we heard that his fragile homeland has now been destroyed by this disastrous event. In fact, for the first few days, he was still looking for his parents. Fortunately, he has now since heard from them.  (Refer to for the CNN news article.)

Zach lends his support to Jimmy's charity Hollywood Units for Haiti, and put various messages up regarding this on his website and blog. You can read Zach's full blog message here

He and photographer friend, Tyler Shields, also tweeted in support of ontd_startrek's drive to help Haiti through donations to Unicef. More than USD 12,000 has already been collected. Click here to donate!
Being an ardent SArmy member, one must not fail to mention a SArmy charity drive - also through Unicef. An eBay auction for photos autographed by Zachary Quinto and David H. Lawrence XVII! Click here to bid for the auction!

Currently, the talented ThePumpkinGeek is also working together with SArmy to carve a special Sylar pumpkin for a charity auction as well! This has been a "Zach-approved" project too, and he will be autographing the pumpkin for the auction. So do stay tuned!

Also using the power of her strong twitter presence, our favourite make-up artist Wendi Lynn helped push for more efforts to help Haiti. She has started up a blog for this topic and fans can comment on the blog regarding their various efforts to assist Haiti. Click here for Wendilynn's blog!

As for my humble efforts, I have converted some of my asianaura jewellery eBay store listings for donations to the American Red Cross. 50% proceeds of items sold will go to the charity. Click here to visit my store and donate!

So, there is no excuse to not help Haiti. You can do this in many different ways and in big or small amounts. Feel free to add your comments here on how you have contributed to this cause.

On a lighter note, the intense drive to donate for Haiti did not blind us to the sheer stunning GQMF-ness and UNF-ness of last night's Critics' Choice Awards. Many of us were hoping for an Eli Roth-ZQ pic but unfortunately that didn't happen.

It was also unfortunate that despite many of the cast members attending the event, "Star Trek" 2009 went home empty-handed. T_T I know some folks also groaned at the lack of the "Pinto". ;)  Zach, looking dashing in a grey suit and polka-dotted black tie, presented the Best Screenplay award with Claire Danes and looked so handsomely-adorkable! has a whole lot of ZQ pics from Critics' Choice. But please do not click unless you have a strong heart!!

And do you remember "The German" from Season 3 "Heroes"? He was played by suave actor/stuntman/videogames actor Ken Lally. Ken recently started a v-log called "Lallywood". The first v-log is out now, and Ken takes us around Hollywood while being hungover post-New Year celebration. You simply can't deny what a charming devil Ken is!! View it here!

Talking about charming devils, I am curious about this coming Monday's "Heroes" episode "Pass/Fail". Please .DO.NOT. let my bewitching snarky evil Sylar turn into a wet limp Claire-puppy. I would feel utterly sick and might need serious therapy if that happens. Guess we'll have to find out if it happens real soon... Oh My Fragile Heart!!

PS: There was indeed an Eli-ZQ pic at the Critics Choice Awards! No - they no longer look similar due to Eli's full director's beard, but my oestrogen level went to happy places anyway. Lookie here!!!


  1. Thanks for the kind words! And thanks for watching.

    Ken Lally

  2. You're welcome, Ken!!
    It was a joy to watch.

    Also, to those out there.. I've added a Postscript. There indeed was a ZQ-Eli pic at the CCA's!! See above for pic link!

  3. lol omg just saw ken Lally's video. funny and cute XD