Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun, Feasts and Tattoos!

Oh what interesting lives the Sullivan Bro. carnies lead! Never a dull moment there. The only thing dull was goody-Claire-who-can't-be-killed who was still moaning about the same Daddy issues from Season 1.

I am talking about the 2-hour "Heroes" opener this week of course! Lots of motives revealed and heavy-breathing sexual overtures - thanks to lots of shirtless Sylar! (I luuurve youuuuu writers!! *muah!*)

I liked that they did not over-kill the emo-ness of Nathan Petrelli's passing away. It was portrayed with sombre dignity enveloped by that undeniable understatement of grief. I have to give kudos to Milo for not playing it too dramatically. His eyes semi-red and almost always brimming with tears; that quietness when he said "I have a love-hate relationship with roof tops" with a half-sad-smile - was just ace.

Back to the carnies - have you ever felt you are little too strange to belong in most places? That's me in a nutshell in all my xx number of years. (No! I'm not telling you how ancient I actually am! Unless suitably bribed :p) I can identify with Lydia's,  Edgar's and Doyle's sentiments a great deal.

Due to my off-key morbid eccentricity, from the time I realized that I thought more differently than most others, I've become quite used to enjoying my own solitude and entertaining myself with my own imagination. Do note, that one should not mistake this for loneliness. I have never felt lonely, and am surrounded by a loving accepting family and interesting friends. But I do have to say, that it *does* feel good to be amongst those who understand your geek references from the get-go. Or to be with good friends (*waves to _mriel, eserei27, albionscastle* and a few more others I won't mention because the list would get long!!) whom you do not have to continuously explain your inner motivations/ preferences or innate arcerbic retorts.

So protecting where you feel you belong.. I get that. And I believe Sylar is looking for somewhere to belong too. Which leads to his lack of thirst for blood these days. Especially since more than a hint of Nathan still remains in him .. somewhere!

Blood or no blood, we are no doubt given a delicious biceps-fest courtesy of Ray Park and Zach in the second hour of this week's "Heroes". The ZQ Proof - Click here!

We don't usually see Ray in roles without makeup and prosthetics, so it was good to see him roll out his acting chops with the role of Edgar. Poor Ed-baby... all beaten and tied-up by bad naughty HRG. grrr. ~_~ (Well, actually Edgar being tied-up gives me all sorts of ideas *grin*)

And should I even rave about seductive Samuel again?? Like a cult leader, he has these twisted but earnest motives that somehow make sense. I like how Samuel and Sylar interact with each other. They are like some kind of warped mirror images of each other.

Which brings me to the tattoo on that strokably-furry muscley Sy-arm. So Not Happy about this incessant cheerleader fetish. Sylar, Sylar. I think you need to be spanked. Can't you leave that one to the fanboys out there and look for someone more to your match instead! Your sexy arm certainly deserve a better, more interesting tattoo!

I hope this cheerleader-bewitching will not last too long. I guess I can only wait and see as the next few episodes enfold.

Catch this Monday's trailer for "Close To You"  thanks to!

BTW, if you haven't noticed lately, Noah seems to have been taken over by Tyler Shields as ZQ's companion. We now see walking posts of Zach with Tyler instead! haha. If you have missed photographer Tyler Shield's awesome 2009 video, click here now! You'd see some interesting images in between the flashes.

Makes me wanna go drink milk. Again.


  1. My mind operates in a radically different manner from most of my peers, so I understand where you're coming from, believe me. It's nice not to have to constantly explain myself to others when I'm with like-minded people.

    IT's good to be a geek.

    I had to laugh when Sylar raised his finger- and nothing happened. I found myself mentally playing that 'Milennium Falcon jump-drive fail' sound in my head.

    Yes, my mind is warped. :-)

  2. You are awesome. Mostly cos you mention me in the same blog as a shirtless ZQ, but also cos you're pretty cool in your own right.