Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Kiss, Pauses and Lots of Blood

Pardon me for not putting up a new blog post for more than a week. I was still recovering from the eww-ness of Sylaire and getting used to emo Sylar.

Probably the only reason I could tolerate either was Zach's sad, disconsolate (but very sexy!) voice, and how he played Sylar as more world-weary (if a serial killer could be weary) than totally-whiny-emo. Thank the stars for that!

I could stomach the Sylaire Kiss much better the second time round. By then my innate pervy nature has taken over and as one of my Twitter friends @darkelegance promptly admitted - it did look kinda hot. I later realized it was so, because the bevy of like-minded Sy-fans had already efficiently superimposed ourselves as Claire on that couch... helpless in Sylar's clutches, immobilized by his sheer power, staring up into those big brown eyes, and listening to all those .....



I think that often silences and ..Pauses.. speak effectively more than verbalized words. This reminds me of that awesome movie - 2001 Oscar's Best Picture - "In the Bedroom". The effective use of silence in the movie was overwhelming. And ultimately, heart-breaking.

Another show which impressed me with the use of silence was by Joss Whedon ("I am not worthy...") in a wonderful "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" episode entitled "Hush". If you haven't watched that - DO IT NOW. It's creepy, it's meaningful.. and it spoke volumes despite the minimal dialogue.

Learn to look for the silences rather than the chatter of careless words that are uttered from the throng and you'll discover a lot more about people and what they truly want or think.

"Pass/Fail" was a pretty slow episode overall .. it was moving at such a snail's pace, that I felt lethargic. So I was very gleeful when Sylar showed up at Matt's place and snarkily proclaimed that "that was so two months ago" in "The Art of Deception". YAY! Sarcastic Sylar was back!

"The Art of Deception" turned out to be a rather bloody affair though, with Samuel morphing to be the season's Big Bad. Did I hear a swarm of folks saying - "FINALLY!" ?? Now the carnies are going to be doing something rather than ambling about like stoned-out cult-ified zombies! (I hope. -_- )

I have to give special props to HRG. I love it when he actually kicks ass and all morally ambiguous. Like the last time he was violent with poor Edgar. Too bad, someone had to take the fall from all that Wild Wild West gunfire. Poor Lydia was the intended victim, and not before she learnt of Samuel's true desire.

No worries for those Dawn Olivieri fans however. She has proudly announced that she will soon be joining the acclaimed HBO series "True Blood" as Alcide's sister, Janice Herveaux. I can't wait for that!! (Click here for the news article!)

Back to my take on the episode, why is it that Matt is the only one who seems to be realistic and sensible these days? At least his idea on how to paralyze uber-powered Sylar was going *somewhere*!! (Even though it took a few failed mind-melding sessions... need more lessons from Spock??)

With the penultimate "Heroes" episode "The Wall" to be aired this week, the pre-released promo spoiler pics have hinted of some very nice Petrelli-Sylar slash! Oh, happy! Oh, joy! :D I think the better title of the episode could have been "Up Against The Wall" *grin* but then I'm not a Heroes writer. heh heh heh.

Watch the promo and view the spoiler pics to see if you agree with me ;)

With the filming of "Heroes" now completed for the season, our bb Zach was in cold cold NYC the last couple of weeks attending a few plays and even performing in one himself for a Naked Angels benefit on 28th January! By all accounts, it was a darn sexy one.. so...

...Keep your bookmark on this blog! A report on the sexy play will be up soon. Plus a surprise blog relating to a SArmy charity is also in the works!

~syzzlyn, feeling all sexy-tingly.. kinda

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