Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Clothed and Climaxed

When word got around that Zach was in NYC attending some plays on Broadway, as well as doing a reading for a benefit with a theatre company Naked Angels, I immediately urged my fave twitter-buddy @eserei27 to go for the play. She was hesitant at first but decided to travel to NYC from Ohio in the end. I'm definite she has no regrets now! Not only did she meet other tweeps like @darkelegance (Csilla), @OceanBreeze1979 @SkyeD and @jaycee419, she has now joined the many who have been fortunate to meet our handsome SArmy leader, Zachary Quinto!

Here's her awesome report on meeting the man himself: 

"On Thursday, Jan 28, I finally met Zachary Quinto (if you follow me on twitter, my guess is you’re already aware of this, as I could not shut up about it). He was doing a benefit in NYC for the Naked Angels Production Company RE-ISSUED: A NAKED ANGELS BENEFIT. Naked Angels is a production company that promotes new and innovative playwrights, as well as tackling important issues.

So, on the night of the benefit, 4 short skits (about 15 minutes each) were performed. Zachary was in the second one, titled “Sex with the Censor.” When he came out to the stage, it was unreal. He was wearing a suit; hair slicked back, stubble in place. Stunning.

The plot of the skit: basically, he symbolized the censor, and the woman was sex. She was a prostitute that he had hired for the evening. She was trying to do her job, but all he wanted was “suggested” sex. It was more of a reading than anything else. No prop and they were both standing. At one point, she goes over to touch him, and he growls, “Don’t touch me,” in that super sexy voice he has, and I about died! The prostitute finally figures out that he doesn’t want to actually have sex, he just wants her to talk about it in vague terms, and so that’s what she does. And the vaguer she gets, the more turned on he gets. And then, right before my very eyes, Zach starts moaning, “yes! yes! ooh yes!” Then he grips the stand hard, his face contorts, and he orgasms right on stage! Zach’s “O” face is forever burned into my memory. It was so incredibly hot!

After the skits were done, we were invited upstairs for the reception. There was wine and hors d'oeuvres. Zach was one of the first actors to the reception. He looked so beautiful! I had a glass of wine, and then Csilla and I approached him. Csilla talked with him first. They spoke about theater, and he said that he loves it and would like to do more work in that arena. Then it was my turn! I introduced myself, and he shook my hand and said, “Hi Sara, I’m Zach.” His hands are so big and warm and perfect. I told him hello from the SArmy, and he got a huge smile on his face and was like “I love the SArmy!”
We talked about the performance, and I complimented him on how well he did. Somehow we got to talking about our trip up and he made the MOST ADORABLE FACE EVER and said, “You came all that way? Wow. Thank you!” So then we wrapped up, and he shook my hand again. That’s when I asked for the hug. He looked at me all adorable-like and goes, “Sure! Thanks for asking.” And the hug? So wonderful. He doesn’t mess around; it’s a full body, all encompassing hug that makes you feel so warm.
Best night ever. "
I'm so happy you met him, people!! :D

Note: The pics are taken by @darkelegance (Csilla). Please ask her on Twitter if you want to use her pics. 

~syzzlyn, who *still* hasn't blogged abt her Zach experience (ask me why another time.. )


  1. He sounds just like the other fan encounters. He's always seen as warm, engaged, friendly and gracious. Affectionate too. Boy, I envy you, but love the account.

    Thank you!

  2. From everything I've seen of him, he seems very gracious. Like Leonard Nimoy and Patrick Stewart, he realizes how lucky he is to make a living doing what he absolutely loves, and he can be sweet and humble and totally adorable with his fans.

    I hope to meet him someday and wish I could have seen that play! "O" face indeed! ; D

  3. His WHAT face?! O.O Please God, let someone out there have video of this...

  4. Alas, ZQ was in a play, so it was not recorded on videotape. He's portraying an uptight Censor character who gets turned on, then orgasms after the Sex character goes from frankly expressing her sexuality to expressing it in the vaguest possible terms. (Re-read and weep with envy for the play-goer -- but be thankful she shared her experience!)