Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's a Bird, it's a Plane... it's .....


Did the Twitter ZQ Fan-world get saved by a no-longer-internet-cautious super-villain-turned-hero? The epic event was as Sparkly as a ... (ok, I won't mention the V-word @eserei27 ....I promise!). Erm... where was I? Ahh.... yes. As Sparkly as a UNICORN! :D In fact, this rare occurrence caused such a whirl of glittery excitement that it might have even brought out the dastardly Twitter Fail Whale.

Being ahead of time from most of the American-European zones, I was in my nice snuggly Sy-dreamland when this cosmic alignment happened.

Apparently, it was a "quiet day" at BFD and so Zach decided to exercise those long fingers of his, and tweeted out some fan shout-outs. (Check out the pic above!) He even mentioned that "tweeting is weird".

Well, it was weird to see Zach tweet and do the "online fan interaction" thing. Maybe I'd get used to it. But first I must mourn the loss of my opportunities to get naughty in public now that he *may* read his tweets. (bites tongue+fingers and mutters some choice curse words, including "Frak.") Nonetheless, a few of us were relieved that Zach got interactive after our "Dear Santa" debacle during Christmas. = phew! =

Another happy event took place on 16 Feb - it was the birthday of Corey Moosa - Zach's friend and biz partner in BFD. Many of us sent him birthday greetings, and I got a thank you Twitter DM from  Corey which made my entire work day feel a whole lot better!! Awww... he's so sweet....

From what I gathered, the bunch of them later congregated at a place called "The Well" for a hearty birthday celebration that night.

By the way, did you see Corey's Valentine's greeting on ZQC? You have to. Especially if you love Klingons. With blue eyes. Yyyyyeppp. Click here - you know you want to! ;)

In a separate storyboard altogether, BFD collaborator Lance Mazmanian seems to have been called for a secret mission.. in a somewhat snowy location. His cryptic tweet read: "PHONE CAM: Thus, it begins. And for the next 5 solo days here, I belong to @ZacharyQuinto and @BeforeTheDoor. " Hmmm... this is even more mysterious than trying to figure out the alternate realities in "Lost".

Some big news seem to be brewing in the BFD arena - that's for sure. And they are simply killing us with all these evil teasers. Will we get some real news in March?!!?

For those in the Los Angeles vicinity, you can party with Zach before the Oscars on March 3rd - in an Eco-friendly way! This Pre-Oscar party is hosted by Global Green USA and other guests include Orlando Bloom, Neil Patrick Harris and Salma Hayek. Ticket information can be found here.

If anyone goes for this party, send me a report!! ;) You can find me on twitter as @syzzlyn.


  1. When Zach tweeted, twitter broke. I love it! I was at work, and got so excited that it was actually HIM that it was distracting. I had to DM you despite knowing full well you were sleeping!

    And how exciting about the DM from Corey! I bet it made the Cow Pen seem a little less "eww." For a little bit at least.

    And yeah, these boys are killing us with these "secret projects" and keeping everything all hush-hush. Can't wait until some official announcements. What an awesome time to be a fan of Zach and Before the Door!

  2. It was funny how he had to repeat to two fans "not to faint".. I thought that was hilarious.

    Oh Corey -- if you are ever reading this. You really made my day. ;)

    I can't wait for these announcements. The suspense is killing meeeeeeeeee

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