Friday, February 26, 2010

The Orange Empire and SArmy/ ZArmy Alliance!

A very powerful alliance between the Orange Empire and SArmy/ ZArmy has been brewing for the past many weeks.

If you are not familiar with the Orange Empire, I’m very pleased to offer you a peek into this glowingly magickal place of all things orangey and pumpkiney.

A very special kind of biceps resides in The Orange Empire. The kind that can transform a blank slate into a beautiful piece of artwork. These biceps belong to the effervescent leader of the Empire, Alex Wer… also known as The Pumpkin Geek!!

When did you realize you were really, really good at carving pumpkins?

I was just trying to impress the neighbor kids at Halloween! I am still trying to get really good at this as I tend to be critical of my carves.

What is the most difficult piece of pumpkin that you have ever done?

A few of them come to mind: The McCain-Palin one was probably the most detailed. It had two faces in one carve and that can get tricky. Also, Palin's glasses are clear, so to make those actually show up yet be "invisible" was not an easy process... In the end, I think this carve seems to be the most life-like.

There was also the Carol carve from "Where the Wild Things Are". Making fur look realistic was fun to do! A few others would be Brad Paisley because he looked as if he was frozen in time in the middle of a concert. Oooh...and the Harry Potter one! I was thrilled with the effect of his hand almost coming out of the pumpkin!

And the strangest?

That's easy!!! Sam Kinnison! 90's shock comedian... and an odd choice for a carve. I don't have a pic of it because I didn't have a website at the time.

Besides carving pumpkins, do you engage in any other artistic or creative endeavours?

I've played guitar all my life and was the lead singer of a band a LONG time ago!

Have your children indicated any interest in trying their hand on carving pumpkins?

They think I'm famous simply because I have a website and want all the glory for themselves!!! They just started carving last year... I'll have to work on them improving the craft so that I can retire one day!

Tell us an interesting event or story that happened when you were at last year’s Star Trek Las Vegas convention!

Well, the convention was the first I've ever done. I was nervous & had *no* idea what the response would be like. Then some of the Trek actors showed up at my booth because they had heard about "their personalized carves" and sought me out! It was very humbling to see that they were excited about what I do.

On the last day with only about an hour left at the convention, Zachary Quinto showed up at my booth! He heard I had done a Spock carve of him and wanted to see it meet me. He was very kind, signing an autograph for my wife and we chatted for about 5 min.

That was the highlight of the event!

I suppose you have met quite a few celebs now due to your work. Which celeb(s) caused you the most star-struck of moments?

I do not really get star-struck and I’m respectful to celebs when I meet them. I have been fortunate enough to meet a ton of celebs before all this, like Ted Danson, Leslie Neilson, and Lou Gosset Jr. Also, when I was in a band, I got to meet Gene Simmons, Christina Applegate and a few others.

I still have to say that meeting Zachary Quinto *WAS* a big thrill. It was the most memorable and he was very much, the coolest one I've met.

What's interesting is I get more excited when a celeb follows me on Twitter rather than meeting them! The fact that a celeb made a CHOICE to follow does "Geek" me out a bit!!

You are beginning to build your own ardent fan army at the Orange Empire now (especially on Twitter!). How do you feel about the acquired fame (and power)?

Ha! I am not sure about "arden fans". I cannot say enough, how much I appreciate everyone enjoying my work and are rooting for my success! A few people who attend conventions both in the US and overseas have asked me to send them some of my business cards so they can hand them out and "Expand The Orange Empire". OK, so maybe you're right...I DO have power! :) Really, I am just grateful that people seem to enjoy what I do!

So spill, what’s your beef against bubble gum? :)

Aside from the texture completely grossing me out, the look of someone chewing it like a cow... NOT attractive!

The SArmy (soon to be also known as ZArmy) are ecstatic that you have carved a special Zachary Quinto pumpkin for a charity auction to help Haiti. Share with us a little about your thoughts on this very special pumpkin.

First of all, I'd like to say that my prayers are with the people of Haiti. Every morning, as part of our devotional time with our family, we specifically pray for the healing of this country. I cannot even begin to imagine the devastation that Haiti and her people has gone through.

I am thrilled that I can be a part of this charity auction! Zachary Quinto has SOOO many different looks that it was extremely hard to pick one for this auction. I definitely wanted something that showed his smile and sparkle in his eyes, which will also bring about a smile to the charity auction winner.

Mostly, I am just honored that Mr. Quinto supports the use of my "little carving" for this charity drive. I'm very humbled and extremely grateful for the opportunity to use what I do to help in a small way...

Don’t you feel that the Orange Empire is such a warm happy place to stay for awhile? Head on to Alex's website to see more of his awesome works of art. Or find him on Twitter.

To donate for the SArmy/ ZArmy charity raffle to help Haiti 
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Support SArmy/ ZArmy, Support Zachary Quinto/ Before the Door, Support The Pumpkin Geek, Support Jimmy Jean-Louis and do your part to HELP HAITI!!

Help promote the charity auction.
Tell your friends and family.

And if you can, buy one - or a few - charity raffle tickets to win this very special autographed one-of-a-kind Zachary Quinto pumpkin!


  1. Awesome interview with Alex! He's so talented. Here's to hoping a lot of money is raised for Haiti!

  2. What a great interview- Alex is a wonderful guy. I hope to meet him some day.