Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Like those nifty transition programs for your vids and pics, our fave bb Zachary Quinto makes going from casual to formal seem so effortless.

Oh, there are many detractors concerning Zach's fashion sense but I am mostly amused or in awe of how he consistently manages to pull some combis off with such panache and confidence. Actually, his style closely resembles some Japanese/ Korean men street style... where they tend to be more adventurous, with a hint of the adrogynous.

Transition #1 - Casual - Zach shows that he can go from neon-sneakered muscle-tee beanie-boy (just look at those biceps!!!! *drool*) post-yoga class... (pic from Just Jared.com)


Transition #2 - Smart Casual - in a nondescript simple black sweater at the RADD Grey Goose pre-Oscar Party. But still looking totally GQMF.. and commanding handsome attention coz the goss was all a-twitter about Zach cozily taking seat at a sofa with diva Madonna at the party. (Source: Greygoose.com blog)

I've seen many remarks concerning this particular piece of prattle and it amused me to see the amount of venom that can emerge from fans who hardly know either celeb except through the internet or gossip news.

In my opinion, why wouldn't he and why shouldn't she? If you can still command that amount of attention, success and power, I say go for it!

and finally to...

Transition #3 - Formal - carrying a look of old-school glamour in an asymmetrical dun coloured coat to attend the Pre-Oscar Dinner and Montblanc Charity Cocktail. It was a rainy day that day and from other pics that I saw, Zach certainly didn't forget his umbrella!

It's too bad that he wasn't personally at the Oscars coz I would have loved to see him all-formally-dressed up yet again. His Spock face did appear many times on screen though! ;)

And on this very shifty Ides of March, (although that's already over for me.. coz I'm in the future. Get used to it.) Lance Mazmanian has posted some not-too-terribly-vague updates on his website concerning the very secretive Before The Door project. You can read it here.

The update confirmed that the piece was primarily written with Zach being in the focus and I can't wait to see what the material is all about! I hope it's controversial! :D

Lance has enjoyed torturing us with teeny tidbits and hints on Twitter the last couple of months so this update is EPIC. I have to say that after this update, his evil-ness has now dropped a notch or two.

What's not in the least evil however, is the beautiful music video for "Ghosts" by indie musician Chris Dallman. The video, which was directed by Chris' long-time friend, Kevin R Thompson, resonates with it's simplicity and the effective use of black and white images. Check out the video here. Seriously. Don't miss watching it.

You can find out more about the making of the "Ghosts" video from exclusive interviews with Chris and director Kevin R Thompson at the CDC blog here :)

And for those who haven't got a raffle ticket for the Sarmy/ Zarmy Help Haiti charity draw, head on to this page NOW! There will be another special interview with a special someone coming up in the next blog. So look out for it!


  1. Another thing the Mazmanian update proves is that Sachs was born to be obsessed over and glamourized. He is a walking Dickinson novel character provoking narrative descriptions in everyone he meets, apparently. Ah, these romantic times. /awkward comment

  2. Sachs = Zach
    Yes I am a touchscreen n00b

  3. I really liked Lance's description of Zach- he managed to distill into a couple of sentences exactly why I am so attracted to him.