Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tweets and the City

Quick! Get a hold on Neal Caffrey! We need our pretty blue-eyed con-artist to come do some super-sleek decoding on the Quinto-cryptogram!

Especially considering that Neal's alternate persona is Matt Bomer - Zach's fellow Carnegie-Mellon college-mate, I think it'll work just swell.

You see, Zachary Quinto has been a not-so-internet-cautious Twitter user lately. While busy in NYC (more on that later), he has been tweeting far more often than we have been used to! Imagine those slender fingers flying across his iPhone's Echofon!

What then emerged on our Twitter timelines were staccato-like word puzzles that seem to happen only in Russian spy movies. Examples of the Quinto-cryptogram can be seen in the screenshot pic featured above.

I have managed to in fact, decipher most of his tweets but a couple seem so insider-randomish for me to even fathom a guess! ;) Let us know if you know what Zach is tweeting about! It'll be fun to hear your guesses!

As he got more comfortable with this 140-word medium, Zach gave bouyant shout outs to his "Heroes" cast mates @greggrunberg and @DaniaJRamirez. Plus, he was so sweet to even send tweets back to a few fans. Including a simple birthday greeting to my twitter-pal @brieh43! Boy, did that make her day even more awesome! :D

Just when I thought one couldn't love the guy more. sigh.

Across da hood though, our favourite homie is flashin' his own gang sign and keepin' it real on Twitter. Check out @JacharyQuinto, yo! Zach diggz it, so you should too!

When we have finally steadied our dizzy heads back into orbit after all those Zach tweets, bb decided to drop a surprise twitpic showing the handsome BFD-Threesome at the NYC Stock Exchange (pic on left)... Now, that threw most of us into a far-flung hyperdrive spin into space again. Whooooooo.. this ride is getting to be fun!

The pic was probably related to his next project "Margin Call", a movie that the smart, sexy BFD dudes are producing. (Cute hair cut, Corey!) Which was why they have been busy working in NYC in the first place! I suspect that the movie is at a pre-production stage. Neal has even mentioned about hearing stories about the 80's and travelling with some "hedge fund guys" in his tweets.

In any case, IMDb has already listed some information on "Margin Call", with a hinted release date of September 2010. And Zach is listed as a cast member together with an actor named Michael Nardelli.

The site also labelled the movie as a "Drama/ Thriller". Can you say .. Like.Sylar.Hits on.Wall Street? Images of Zach in swanky expensive business suits, hailing NY cabs with those nice arms of his, yelling and hand gesturing (oooh!) on the exchange floor....  running away from Eastern European/ Asian hit men, with a secret foreign bank account number??! Can't wait! (But don't take my word for it. I merely have a deviously wild imagination *grin*)

There was also news that Zach has been offered a role in Anna Faris' R-rated comedy "What’s Your Number" together with Andy Samberg and Chris Evans (source: Zach has wonderful comic timing and coupled with this matinee good looks, I've always thought he'd do charmingly well in a romantic comedy!

I know there are many ardent "Heroes" fans who are biting their nails, waiting for news of renewal. When asked about the fate of "Heroes" at last weekend's Wondercon, cast member Ali Larter seems to think that NBC will go ahead with a Season 5. (Source: It was said that we will know in May if the series will get a new (and probably, final) season. Truth is, I am rather ambivalent whichever way it goes.  - ducks to avoid cloud of rotten tomatoes hurled at her -

I just can't help mentioning Christopher Dallman in my blog posts!!! :D Chris and Aiden James just completed their Double-Trouble tour and met many of their fans in the cities they played in. The rave reviews of their various live gigs can be found at the CDC Blog!

Chris will be doing some more gigs in April. You can check out the dates at his website. That's not all, another music video for Chris' cover of Britney Spears' "Gimme More" will be filmed with Director Derek Woods on May 15th and 16th! Exciting stuff!

If you have yet to see Christopher's first amateur but very adorable version of the "Gimme More" video, check it out here:

Here's another piece of exciting news! Calling ZQ/ Heroes fans who are attending the upcoming San Diego Comic Con! If you want to attend the meetup, please respond to the thread at the Facebook Group here! The meetup will most probably be on 24th July, Saturday evening. Venue TBC. We will close the list when it hits 50 pax. Hope to see you there!


  1. I know one thing he was tweeting about!!!

  2. And that's the one that was way awsesome!! :D

  3. Awesome blog, doll...keep up the great work...looking forward to seeing ya in LA/ComicCon...for realzies!

  4. "running away from Eastern European/ Asian hit men"
    hmm, looks like you forget to mention the tiny Island Divas he's already running away from...

  5. Oh common, we are *THIS* Tiny. He wouldn't even notice us doing anything!! :D
    Also, ZQ = brave.

  6. angel24759 -- OMG. LA. And us.