Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zach Supports The Laydees

... with LOVE - a charity benefit for a non-profit theatre company and organization, WET Productions. This year's annual benefit held on 19th April, consisted a series of short plays - and our bb Zachary Quinto performed in two of them!

If you think meeting Zach once = WIN!
Then, meeting Zach twice = EPIC WIN!

Which is what happened to my friends @eserei27 and @darkelegance! This is @eserei27's fan report of that special night in NYC :)

And this time, they managed to get those awesome ZQ biceps around them for piccies!

"On April 19, I was once again lucky enough to meet Zachary Quinto. He was participating in another benefit in NYC, this time for WET Productions. WET is an organization that empowers women in media and theater, challenges female stereotypes, and supports female driven projects. This was their 11th annual “Love” benefit, featuring a compilation of five short plays.

We arrived to the venue a little before the doors opened. The venue was beautiful! It used to be a synagogue, and the architecture was stunning. We were some of the first people to arrive, and while waiting for the doors to open, who should we see? That’s right, Mr. Zachary Quinto.

He looked amazing, and was wearing his super geeky glasses, which I just adore! @darkelegance said, “hi Zach” and he was all “hey guys, what’s up?” Totally chill. He went in through the actors’ entrance, and we waited to be let in through the main entrance. We were set for the night, and were already satisfied with our experience. But the night got even better!

One of the first things we discover after we take our seats is that one of the other actors was not able to make it, so Zach was going to fill in for him. Yep, we got two Quinto performances for the price of one! Glad about that too, as I enjoyed him more in the play that he wasn’t even meant to do!

In the first play, Zach was a theater reviewer assigned to cover the opening night of his ex’s show. He had been having an affair with her - he was married and living with his wife and her dying mother, but he had called it off. Despite that, they obviously still loved each other. There was some on-stage kissing of the the “I want you so much, but it’s so wrong” type and I thought the two actors did a great job of portraying that emotion. It was very tortured, and Zach was excellent at conveying the conflict between what people SHOULD want and what they actually DO want.

In the second play, he was a woman named Marge who was acting as a judge for a craft competition. A well-renowned married couple (who had their own crafting program on tv) had recently separated and each entered the contest independently. The husband was accusing the wife of cheating (at the contest), and it was Marge’s job to moderate. She knew them from their show and tried to play matchmaker. She had them perform the theme song for their show, and this of course made them realize how much they loved each other. It was cute, and Zach was funny in it!

After the plays, there was a reception. That’s when I got my second opportunity to meet Zach. He was giving some interviews, so Csilla and I just stood back and watched. As luck would have it, after one of the interviews, he was standing right in front of us. That’s when Csilla said hi and asked for a picture, which he was happy to do. Then it was my turn. I shook his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Sara.” And he said, “Yeah, I know, we’ve met before.” Then he looked at Csilla and me and said he remembered us from the Naked Angels Benefit we went to in January. He even remembered that the two of us had driven from Buffalo to see him. He thanked us for supporting him, and for supporting WET. AHHH!! HE REMEMBERED US!!!! If it was at all possible for me to love him more, I did in that moment. How many fans does he meet a day, and he actually remembered us! It just shows what kind of person he is, and how much his fans mean to him. A real class act.

If you follow me on twitter, you’ve seen the flailing that ensued after this meet and greet. Really happy that I decided to go, and if you ever get the opportunity to be in the same room as Zach, I recommend you take it!"

From left to right: Zachary Quinto and @eserei27; @darkelegance and Zachary Quinto

Pic Credits (except the one on stage) go to @darkelegance

Note: There are more lovely pics from the event at Exposay


  1. AAAHHHHH! That is all :)

  2. Nice story, and he remembered...awwwww.

  3. Must be wonderful to see him perform live!
    And he remembered you, wow!
    I'm living on the wrong continent.

  4. I love that ZQ does these wonderful benefits and that he remembers his fans! He made you two feel special. What a nice man.

    I have only one question ... have the papparazzi just pestered the smiles right out of him? Zach seldom smiles anymore, even at the publicity portion of events. 8-( Sad, because he has such a beautiful smile. It lights up his face as much as Zoe Saldana's lights up her face!

  5. P.S., ZQBiceps, thanks for the link to Moosa! Moosa!

    I have been laughing for days

  6. Just that he remembered the face, much less name, that is just amazing! We know he meets so many people and does so many things. Great story, and great guy.

  7. MJ, you're welcome!!! Do you have a FB or something that I can add you?! You sound fun! :D
    Email me -

    Zach is v astute. He kinda sums you up the moment he meets you .. you can read it in his eyes.. and I think he kinda gets how you are like within that first 'read'.

  8. I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................