Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good Things Come in 3Q's

The Rule of Three - where things seem to be funnier, more engaging and much more satisfying.

C'mon...  you have got to know that.

There's the Three Little Pigs. The Three Amigos. The Three Musketeers. The Three Blind Mice. The Power of Three (remember Charmed?) and the ultimate ominpotence of the Holy Trinity. Just to list a few.

Talking about the last one... :- meaningful pause -: ... never mind, more on that later. *g*

So The Three Q's - the talented-funny Victor Quinaz, Philip Quinaz and Zachary Quinto - have now presented us with the humourously deadpan "BEFORE AFTER" which non-coincidentally, consists of Three Short Vignettes.

Check it out on Funny or Die:

In the first one "Conciatta", I have to give Zach props for making the porn-stache look sexy. I think it went with the all-shiny bullfighter costume really well. Just appreciate those arms (pic above) swirling that red cape - all hot Spanish-like. Too bad all that sparkly macho flair ended up with a lot of bull. :p

My personal favourite was "Gerrity's" just because it was religious and all that. Now, if my pastor/ priest looks like ZQ in a clerical collar and oh-so-delectably finger-lickin' good in sunglasses - then I'd be a very GOOD girl for a very long time. O:) For realsies.

I'll go for confession every day, bare my sins and kneel to pray often - fervently giving offerings and ardent thanks for heavenly gifts. Getting exorcise daily will also benefit my health and inner being. I am sure you will agree. Y/N? :D

The final vignette "Josh" was a mash-up of When Birthday Clowns Meet Final Destination.  It started out all morosely colourful and mole-ly, and finished with a splash of "some Josh" on one unfortunate clown. Definitely a birthday to remember.

Adorned in a big red rubber nose, multi-hued wig and a cute giant sunflower, Zach managed to sway even those with hardcore coulrophobia to give clowns a try.

A special mention to the big and tall PQ, who was gloriously funny doing his trademark droll, straight-faced thang. As usual, Zach pulls off  nonchalant dark humour with charm. And also to Anna Martemucci, PQ/ VQ for the off-the-wall script.

Wait!! There is *more*! Also in Threes!

Side vid-snippets accompanying "BEFORE AFTER" were released a couple of days ago by VQ and ZQ. You can find two of them in VQ's YouTube channel and the last one in ZQ's FOD channel. Let's just say that I'm so feeling those singing Matadors.

So encore, encore! We definitely love more of the Before The Door-Quinaz collaboration!

Here's a tidbit: Another BFD collaborator, the rather mysterious Lance Mazmanian, has also appeared in something with ZQ before. It was something produced a while ago. If you know what this is, drop your answer in the comment box! ;)

And just when you thought the week hasn't been any quirkier, I have to share with you something -- I had a VERY hairy experience online.

Corey Moosa's luxuriant facial hair has begun to follow me on Twitter and a whole lot of other folks too! Don't believe me? Check out @CoreyMooszBeard. It claims to be real tight with ZQ's Stubble. ;)

More murmurings about the renewal of NBC TV series, "Heroes" have also surfaced recently. The grapevine seems to indicate that a 5th season looks very likely and would consist of about 15 episodes! Whatever I strongly feel about the lack of consistent storylines and characterization in "Heroes", I do think it deserves a proper finale.

Besides, I am not one to ever complain of having more Zach on my screen. *g*

(screencaps by syzzlyn)


  1. I loved the short, and the side-shorts. ZQ, PQ and VQ definitely need to collaborate again. "Father What-a-Waste" was definitely full of finger-lickin' WIN.

    I went to check my followers, and Corey's beard is also following me. Fascinating. I had no idea that facial hair had a mind of its own. That usually is the privilege of other appendages. :-)

    Great article!

  2. I'd love it if Corey and Zach did a FoD short together. They could compare torsos! [Torsi?] And talk about how they get so fit, with all sorts of absurd "exercises" mentioned.

    C: "Every morning I lift my beard 200 times"
    Z: "Every day I twist so my stubble sands my pillowcase"

    ;-D ;-D ;-D

  3. I hope the 5th Season of "Heroes" will follow a meaningful arc instead of painting itself into various corners.

    They ought to bring back the Carnival and have a meaningful battle with Samuel. He was one of their best villains ever.

    And I would like to see Gabriel/Sylar's issue of personality resolved somehow ... preferably a nice ending, at the end ....

  4. Well the fat lady has sung.. so...

    new blog post coming up soon!